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Apr 20, 2008 02:16 PM

Decent Food Near Houston Medical Complex

I do business at the large medical complex in Houston. Can anyone recommend some place with an OK wine list? We have eclectic tastes. Needn't be high end, but could be. Good food is really the goal.

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  1. Do you mean the Texas Medical Center? Are you looking for some place within walking distance, or do you have a car? There are plenty of places in Houston with OK wine lists.

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      I've taken a taxi in the past. Have no car. But it seems absurd that given the density of folks in the medical complex (MD Anderson, Methodist, the Children's Hospital) no one seems to be able to direct me to a decent place to eat within walking distance or a short cab ride.

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        Look at this link. It lists places in that area:

        I am one of those Houstonians that avoids that area like the plague, but I did post below a few places, but I don't believe they serve wine. I can't really vouch for the food, except at the hospitals, but going from Fannin to Montrose, or to the Village, is not a long cab ride. There are plenty of places on Montrose that are close to Fannin, and are good. Also the Village has a lot of great places.

    2. What about Cafe Rebelais in the Village. Its a small place that can get pretty crowded pretty quick but the food is very good and the wine list is better than ok.
      Prego, also in the village has a pretty good wine list and the food is good.

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        jscarbor, Where's brucesw? He should chime in here.

        1. The Black Labrador on Montrose isn't too far, and they have some good English and American food, and a bar w/wine list.

          1. I wanted to get in on this post because I'm about to start a job at the UTSPH side of the Med Center on Fannin and Pressler. During my brief visit, I was aghast at how few options there seemed to be for food within walking distance. The cafe in the building leaves much to be desired. And how can it possible feed all the people in that building? Do any of the institutions or buildings have cafes with salad bars? Is there anything walking distance for a nice sit down meal? Should I plan on bringing my lunch everyday?

            Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to be moving to Houston but would love to hear what the locals do before I despair!

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            1. re: sarvey

              I was in the Methodist hospital a few years back, and that was good food. Here is a link to what is available in that hospital, and some nearby.


              I know there are some places in walking distance, but I'll have to think about it a bit. Also, just to give you a bit of hope, my MIL was in a not that long ago, and the food in the "cafe" was amazing. They had a lunch station with hot foods, a burger/chicken sandwich place, made fresh to order, a sandwich station with your choice of deli meats, breads, cheese, and a salad/soup bar. They also had your packaged chips, cookies, etc. It has gotten much better than it used to be in Hospital foods. I even did a posted a thread on this board about it. I'll have to find it for you.

                1. re: danhole

                  Much obliged!
                  I'll post back in a couple months after I explore the options.

            2. Morningside Thai
              Black Walnut Cafe
              El Meson Restaurant