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Apr 20, 2008 01:41 PM

KPO Coke in VA?

I heard about Kosher Passover coke the are made with not corn syrup, but the real original recipe. So the questions are:

1. How different do they taste?
2. Where can I find them?

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  1. The sugar-sweetened KFP Coke is very tasty. It has a crisper taste - if you taste test it against the HFCS Coke you will notice the lack of the cloying sweet syrupy taste that we have all become used to. The Coke is very hard to come by this year. It comes in 2-litre bottles and will have a yellow cap marked with Hebrew letters. I had to go to Pikesville, MD, to get some this year. I have seen quite a bit more of the KFP Pepsi this year in our local stores (Giant, Weis, Food Lion). It has a white cap rather than the usual blue cap with the letters K-P on them. Your best chance would be to go to a kosher supermarket like Shalom Market in Wheaton or the KosherMart in Rockville. I'm not aware or any kosher markets in VA. But look for the yellow capped Coke and white capped Pepsi 2-litre bottles. Sometimes they will be mixed in with the HCFS product.

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      Usually, I can find this in my local giant. Just look for the yellow-capped Coke bottles. I'm told that real Coke afficianados stock up on Coke at this time of year.

    2. You can also find Coke imported from Mexico in many stores; it is still made with sugar but it's a little flatter than American Coke.

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        I saw a couple mega-bottles of Pepsi with the white caps that say "KP" in the Harris Teeter corner of Harrison and Lee hwy last night. Only a couple.

      2. I would love to find that Coke just to have. I only occassionally drink it, but if I'm going to, why not the real thing?

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          It would be nice to stock up on it and drink it throughout the year, but because it only comes in 2-litre plastic bottles, that's not an option. The shelf life of non-diet soft drinks is nine months for cans and glass containers. The shelf life is three months for diet drinks or plastic containers.

        2. The original comment has been removed