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Apr 20, 2008 01:19 PM

Cheesesteaks Catering

My mom and I are planning a big graduation party at our house in Northeast Philly. Were going to do a Philly theme since all three of us kids are graduating college / high school and moving away. Were going to have cheesesteaks, hoagies, soft pretzals, tastykakes, and rita's waterice.

Big question: Where can we order a whole bunch of catered cheesesteaks from (preferably in the Northeast)? We love Tony Lukes, but need convenience for my mom's sanity, so I'm thinking Chinks or Jims at Roosevelt mall. We'll want to cut the steaks into smaller pieces to have enough to serve 70 people. Anyone have experience ordering many many cheesesteaks?

Also, what other Philly foods should we consider getting? Cute ideas are much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Goldenberg's peanut chews are definitely philadelphia, (and your dentist will thank you.) Now Ice cream was the other thing I was thinking, though I know you are having Rita's. Bassett's ice cream has been made in philadelphia since before the turn of the last century.

    For chips, anything from Herr's.

    Soda, Frank's Black Cherry Wishniack.

    You might also get a philadelphia butter cake. I think Haegele's and the Mayfair bakery each have a good one.

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      Just an FYI about Bassett's. Hasn't been made in Philadelphia in a decade. Made by Galliker's Dairy in Johnstown, PA.

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        Well.. it certainly was the first, and still has a presence in the city at the RTM... If you want still made in philadelphia, Chilly Philly ( makes wonderful icecream, and is available at the ShopRite on Roosevelt Blvd.

    2. We order cheesesteak buffets for our office somtimes from this place. They are not cheap at all and not in your area but they have some Philly packages that might give you some ideas.

      They serve the meat (chicken, beef or buffalo chicken) covered in cheese in two rows in a serving tray. In between the two rows of meat is a row of peppers, onions and sauce to put on top of the sandwich. There are baskets of rolls on the side. Everyone makes their own and its pretty easy. You might want to look into serving it that way rather than ordering a lot of premade sandwiches.

      1. Steve's Prince of Steaks has two locations: Bustleton and Princeton, and Comley Rd and the Blvd...

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          Actually, Steve's has 3 locations. The two you named and one in Langhorne.

        2. There is a catering company that does just what your looking for. I sorry but I forget their name try to google it. They service cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, water ice, etc. I'll see if I can get their name and I'll post back.

          1. I'd order from a catering company, but I don't want random cheesesteaks like I can get here in DC where I live now. So, I really wanted to order from one of the well-known steak places. I'll just try calling them and asking about it. But, I thought I would check to see if anyone had any good experiences first.

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              If you are in the Northeast, phungi's recommendation is the one to accept - call Steve's Bustleton Ave location.