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Apr 20, 2008 01:03 PM

Andouille Sausage

I live in Calgary AB Canada, and just recently visited New Orleans and loved the Andoille Sausage that is in so many dishes.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy it in Calgary?

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  1. This recipe from Epicurious might give you some ideas. It suggests that smoked bratwurst,smoked kielbasa or smoked Hungarian sausage are a good substitute. Maybe Jan's on Crowchild would be able to help you.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      Thanks Sarah, I've gotten some really good leads from asking my question. I actually tried Jan's on Saturday and they didn't know what I was talking about :) the rest of their meat is excellent though !

    2. I've seen andouille sausage in Calgary but trying to think where. I'll keep an eye out.
      I disagree with Epicurious, none of those sausages would be spiced properly.

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      1. re: sharonanne

        I think they were only considering the 'smokiness' rather than spices.

        1. re: sarah galvin

          Probably but andouille without spiciness is like....April with snow!

          1. re: sharonanne

            I can't help with sources (I'm from Vancouver), but smoked dried spicy Spanish chorizo is a good alternative.

            1. re: sharonanne

              And we all know it never snows in April in Calgary!!! :))

        2. Spolumbo's has it in their list of products that they wholesale.
          Maybe they will sell you some or point you at a retailer.

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          1. re: cancowboy

            I have bought Andouille right from Spolumbo's on 9th, but it is not smoked. I use Regina's (Crossroads Farmer's Market) Smoked Chirizo for Gumbo and Jambalaya.

            1. re: cancowboy

              Thanks, I"ll give them a try, bring their sandwiches in all the time for business lunches.

              1. re: cancowboy

                I have tried the Andouille from Spolumbo's and can report that it is simply a pork sausage with cumin and other chili spices - nothing like the real thing.

              2. No line on andouille sausage, but I was thrilled to find file powder (the traditional winter thickener for gumbo) at Community Natural Foods, in the jarred bulk herbs section. (It's filed under "s" for "sassafras leaves".) I was less thrilled to burn my pinky while making a roux for my gumbo.

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                1. re: ByeByeBaby

                  I was in New Orleans last November and was also on the quest for andouille. I found it at the Calgary Farmer's Market, far left entrance. The deli to the right as you walk in the door, across from Innisfail growers. Their andouille is excellent.

                  1. re: SpudMurphy

                    Great, I'll give it a try, go to the Market all the time. Thanks

                    1. re: SpudMurphy

                      I'm not sure if more than one place has it at the Farmer's Marker, but Spragg's Meat definately carries it I noticed it there just this past weekened.

                    2. re: ByeByeBaby

                      Now I know where to buy file powder when I run out of the stuff I brought back from New Orleans..........thanks!

                    3. I'm from Louisiana and need andouille in lots of receipes, so I know who carries it but you have to keep after them to keep it stocked. They are The Cookbook Company on 11th avenue, SW in Calgary. Friendly folks but not on top of their game re keeping some things in stock, and they're a little high priced but, hey, for those of us who love the true, Louisiana, smoked andouille they will get it for you. Sooner or later.