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Apr 20, 2008 12:54 PM

Arabesque revisited

I got Arabesque out again the other day. My shop is having a meeting this afternoon with food to follow. The boss & wife are making Italian things and I decided to cross the sea and add some Moroccan offerings. They are looking pretty good. Just waiting for the DH to finish his pitas.

I made an orange and black olive salad that wanted Argan oil. It is a bit spicy too. A carrot salad with garlic and cumin, good old Baba Ganouj (not Moroccan but good), a fava bean and artichoke salad with preserved lemons and Moroccan olives and a cucumber and mint salad. We get to dive in in about an hour.

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  1. She gives a recipe in one of her other books for (IMO) an even better carrot salad/dip.

    Cook the carrots and mash with olive oil, crushed garlic, harissa and cumin.

    It's Tunisian - Omi Houriya. It's probably in "Middle Eastern Cooking" - although I've got it in a book of her recipes published, in 1991, by my usual supermarket. We've been doing it since then.