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Apr 20, 2008 11:28 AM

Mushroom Dust

I've heard and read a lot about mushroom dust lately. So I made some by putting dried porcinis in my blender. Dust turned out great. I mixed some with cream cheese and set aside. I beat some eggs with minced garlic, mushroom dust, cayenne and cumin, just going on instinct, made an omelette, filling with the cream cheese mixture. While some might have been put off by the brown color of the eggs, I thought it was a great combo!

Aside from sharing that...what I really want are other great ideas for my mushroom dust!

What about coating a steak before grilling? Anyone tried that?

Also, can I dry fresh mushrooms and then make dust? Like portobellos?

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. "What about coating a steak before grilling? Anyone tried that?"

    I didn't grill it, but I seared and roasted a beef tenderloin. It was awesome. Great, intense flavor, and it made for a really nice crust.

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      Just plain mushroom dust? Anything else? Thanks!

      1. re: scuzzo

        Well, it was part of a dish with crispy porcini risotto cakes, sauteed mushrooms and ramps and a mushroom-mussel consomme with saffron :-)

        But yeah, the T-loin was just ground dried porcinis and salt, and it would have been beautiful on its own. Maybe a little butter or a pan sauce to finish. Easy and awesome.

        1. re: Dmnkly

          Thanks, I'll try it tonight or tomorrow!

    2. I did make a mushroom flan tonight. Half n half, eggs, porcini dust, minced garlic, parm, salt...and I really liked it!

      1. What mushrooms do best as dust? Dried morel dust - well, I've heard they should not be eaten 'raw' but I'm getting ideas...of all sorts!

        1. I got a complimentary container of shitake dust from my mushroom seller at my local market. it wasn't the consistency of dust, but more like instant oatmeal. We toss it in everything for a bit of instant umami. I especially add some to bechamel if it's not thickening enough (this is for bechamel destined for cheese or mushroom sauce usually).