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Apr 20, 2008 11:24 AM


So hounds

I will be taking the Orient Point ferry a couple of times this spring/summer to Long Island.

I noticed last year that there were a number of farm stands along with wineries on my way west to get on the LIE.

So whats good out that way?

Places to buy fresh produce .....

Places to get a fun summer meal....

Best winery to zip into......

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  1. As I remember, there are not so many places to eat in Orient itself. In terms of farm stands, there are tons. We always stop at Wickhams on the Main Road in Cutchogue for fabulous fruit and corn all through the season. Their white corn is fabulous and not the highly hybridized "super sweet" corn you see for sale in most places. If you are there on the right weekend in July, the apricots are the best I've ever had this side of Italy. They are actually juicy and not those horrid, dry rocks you get at most places. They, of course, the peaches as you get into the later part of the summer. They are fabulous. For more off-beat, organic stuff, Sang Lee on the north road has pea shoots and things like that. Harbes has kind of taken over the north road and they started the roasted corn craze. We love their strawberries, which are usually ready in June and are small and red all the way through. They will occasionally have more off-beat stuff like figs. And then, when you get to the end of the North Fork and are about to cross into Riverhead, there is Briermier Farms for great muffins, egg bread and a couple of dozen varieties of pies. The cream pie with fresh fruit in August (usually fresh peaches, blueberries and raspberries we usually refer to as the "Fruit Fantasy." The cream in the pie is a cross between whipped cream and cheese cake. Stop in Love Lane in Mattituck for some cheese, and have a picnic at Harbes where they have picnic tables. There are other posts about wineries, but we always go to Pelligrini and Bedel.

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      The cheese shop on Love Lane rocks!!! I could sample all day and they are so nice.

      Legends in New Suffolk is good for their marinated burger and the pulled pork sandwich is great as well. That's always a good option. Never disappoints.

      Last time we were at Farmer Bar in the winter it was awful (literally the food seemed like it was leftovers from the night before and re-heated) and they had no heat. Haven't been back.

      I've heard Skipper's on the way to Orient is a good local place, but have never been.

      1. re: JGS

        I was at Skippers quite a few years ago & it was just OK. Ditto for Legends, which is incomprehensibly crowded in the summer. There was a sea food restaurant near Legends a bunch of years ago, which was interesting because the owner was developing his own scallop and oyster beds in Peconic Bay. I'm sure it is gone, but it was cool because people would pull up in their boats. We always liked the Jamesport Country Kitchen for burgers and things, but never got to taste their LI duck which had an interesting preparation as I recall -- smoked then grilled. There are a lot of new restaurants out there now I've heard. Supposedly a good one on the Main Road in Southhold. We loved The Frisky Oyster in Greenport, but some posters have had less than great experiences there. People always talked about the marinated steak at the various Cliff Restaurants, but the one time we had it, it was unbearably salty. I heard that Braun's in Cutchogue, which is where we would get our fish, was opening a cafe next to the market. We would get fabulous steaks to grill at Wayside in Southhold, so why bother with Cliff's marinated hideosities?!

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          I agree about Legends, just OK food in a crazy mobbed atmosphere. It's also off the beaten path and I think OP is looking for something right on rte 25 or Sound Ave.

          BTW If you like the oyster bed idea, make sure you hit the Foodie Tour in September, it's like a backstage tour of farms like Sang Lee and Satur, small vineyards, the goat farm, the poultry farm, lavender/bee farm in Marion and best of all, 2 different oyster bed growers: hanging out on the shore and opening oysters by the bushel for your eating pleasure.

          Anyway, Cliff's is my husband's favorite restaurant, actually any of the three of them, and that's where he always picks to go for his birthday, so I wouldn't totally dismiss it. You can get the steak not marinaded if salt bothers you. On the other hand, he hated Jamesport Country Kitchen, called it a "woman's restaurant". Hopefully he will approve of North Fork Table in Southold (I think that's the one you heard about) we're going on Sunday so we'll see if it's good enough for him (ha ha). Actually maybe Modern Diner would fit description of "fun" and it's not a place that you linger, since this sounds like they're looking for quick pop-in meals.

          My other favorite farmstands are on Sound Ave in Riverhead/Baiting Hollow area: Rottkamps across from Cooperage Inn, and Reeves a little east of Roanoke. Also for spinach, Schmidts just west of Roanoke, although it's really just a trailer parked there for a few hours a day.

    2. We love Orient by the Sea, right off the ferry, as much for the atmosphere and view as the food (great clam chowders). Also love Skippers, and their food is great, but not a great view like Orient. But wonderful people hanging out and working there.
      Bayview around Jamesport (Rte 25) is a great farm stand. They have everything at excellent prices. Briermere is a rip off, sorry. For pies, go to Wickhams. Sang Lee is really different, but pricey. But I always find myself turning in there anyway. And you might as well stop at Catapanos goat farm and the Welsh egg farm in Riverhead too to balance your diet.
      PS I heard here that Farmers Bar is RIP, although I haven't been there to check it out myself.

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        Farmer Bar is gone. It is empty. It was not a problem with the restaurant. Other owner related problems caused its' demise.

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          Oh well, that's a shame. We'll miss it.

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          Don't agree that Briermere is a rip-off. It can be pricy, but though Wickams fruit is great, I have always found their baked goods truly mediocre. Besides, the fresh fruit cream pies are sui generis as well as the blueberry muffins, which are almost more blueberries than batter. We are also never without their strawberry jam whose ingredients are elemental: strawberries and sugar. Wickam's jams don't compare.

          1. re: roxlet

            Maybe it's just me, but $22 (and I'm sure it's more this year) is a lot for a normal sized pie. Actually my favorite pies and baked goods are made on the South Fork, at Breadzilla (also sold at the Milk Pail, where she gets the produce in the first place), and they're considerably less. Jams I make my own, so you know better than me on that. Never bought either one.

            1. re: coll

              We're North Fork snobs, and don't get down to the South Fork all summer except for going to the Hampton Classic once in August. Other than that, we avoid it. We visited a friend in the Hamptons a couple of winters ago, and I guess that it was the $78 a pound lobster salad that really turned us off to buying anything prepared from the area. $22 for a pie is a pittance compared to that! Anyway, for us the pies are not a weekly thing; they are an occasional indulgence and we certainly don't mind paying for the fresh fruit cream pie in August when all the fruit is at peak. But given the recent spike in food prices, everything is bound to be more expensive this summer...

              1. re: roxlet

                If you mean Loaves and Fishes, I guarantee her lobster salad is even higher this year. Everyone else who charged only $35 or 40 last season was talking about raising it because of her, so she'll have to raise the bar!

                1. re: coll

                  Yes, I guess I do mean Loaves & Fishes if that's the one that's like a mini-market. Often, when we visit friends, we volunteer to do the cooking, so we had been shopping at this place and gasping at the prices. Last night was the night we had our annual fried chicken dinner with Gray Kunz and some other friends (I think we're among the few "civilians" not afraid to cook for Gray). A couple of summers ago, he and his wife came to visit us in Mattituck, and along with his friend eberhard muller's wife's farm in Cutchogue, and all the great produce we purchased and cooked and consumed, the other thing he was remembering fondly was, you guessed it, the fresh fruit cream pie from Briermier!

                  1. re: roxlet

                    Then I'll have to concede to someone with better taste than I.

                    I believe the wife's farm is Satur, they gave us an up close and personal tour last September that was unforgettable. Her husband made a guest appearance too!

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                      Yes, it is Satur Farm. One of the great moments was walking the fields with Gray and Ebarhard, and hearing them talk in 3 languages, with Eberhard pulling vegetables out of the ground and having Gray taste them, and we were standing by to collect vegetables with baskets. What a dinner we had, and since we had a poor & primitive kitchen, we did not even try to make dessert (though Gray made grilled peaches with a caramel) and we had the Briermeir cream pie for dessert!

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                      A couple of years ago, I read that Briermere does not make their own pies anymore due to the sheer quantity needed. Don't know if it's even true and if so, whether the quality changed.

                      1. re: MacTAC

                        I've heard they buy a lot of their basic pies during the busy seasons but still make some of their own. Never saw those cream pies anywhere else though, they're definitely unique.

                        1. re: coll

                          You can buy the frozen pies for half-price and I do not think they suffer much for having been frozen.

                          1. re: erica

                            Frozen food has come a long way, sometimes it's fresher than fresh as they say.