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Apr 20, 2008 11:07 AM

Thomas Stone in Tuckahoe?

After a wonderful mexican meal at Burrito Poblano last night (review, we crossed the street to have dessert and coffee at Thomas Stone. It's a newish storefront restaurant in one of the new buildings on Main street.

It was almost empty last night (Sat, 10PM). Downtown Tuckahoe (especially up main street) is still pretty deserted. I also have not read any reviews about the place on this board.

The food was good and reasonably priced (I had the salmon special a few months back, and the lava-like chocolate cake last night). Unfortunately, they are still awaiting their liquor license, but it means BYOB with no cork fees in the meantime. I noticed on their menu that they have a children's menu, a Sunday brunch, live Jazz on weekend nights, and free WI-FI in the lounge.

The decor is a little hit-miss for me. The furniture is very nice: dark wodden table and leather chairs. Good lighting. The artwork is a little eclectic, although I am not sure it's in a good way. It seems more random than ecclectic actually.

I can't vouch much for the place, but I think it's worth people checking and getting the word out. It seems like it has potential, and I am all in favor of supporting new restaurants in our little village!

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  1. Hadn't even noticed it juweee. Maybe I don't go down that road enough, but I'll definitely take a look the next time...

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        1. I agree with your review. Almost a year later, we have just tried Thomas Stone -- there were 4 of us. I would love to see the place stay in business, but it was also almost totally deserted on Saturday night. It was week after the end of the holiday season, so maybe people were staying home, but I agree that downtown Tuckahoe does not get much activity. I would give TS high marks -- the decor is unique, attractive and comfortable and the wait service was friendly and efficient (of course we were the only ones there). They also had music -- piano player was very good -- that added to the evening. We even got up and danced. Overall, we had a great time.

          As far as the food, I can sum it up in one word -- GARLIC. If you don't respond well to too much of that seasoning, say something before ordering. Other than that, the food was well received at our table. We got the "stone" lamb and also swordfish. The stone is an ancient way of cooking food that sears it at high temps and keeps it tender. It comes to the table seared on all sides and almost cooked. After you turn it a few times it is done. Everyone liked those dishes. I had a dinner sized salad -- huge with lots of shrimp (and garlic) -- and well priced. They tend to charge more for the stone cooked dishes so the menu is all over the place as far as value. For example, the vegetarian appetizer cooked on the stone is $14 for a couple of small veggie kebobs -- not worth it. But my huge salad with lots of shrimp was only $16 or $17. Go figure. The chocolate molten cake for dessert tasted homemade -- totally divine. As I said, I hope the place stays in business -- give it a try!

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            I still can't believe they don't have a liquor liscense yet . Passed by there several times, and never really seen anyone in there....that always scares fresh can it really be??...that's all i would say....good luck.

            1. re: wonka

              They DO have their liquor license now. We certainly had plenty to drink!

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              Last Saturday evening I went with a friend of mine to the Magic show at Thomas Stone. Though we planned to go for drinks and the show only, we could not resist getting something to eat. We ordered two appetizers for our late night 'snack'. The Stone Hedge was excellent with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto and olives. We also had the Grand Canyon which is their calamari dish. I also recommend for folks to give this place a try!