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Apr 20, 2008 10:33 AM

Iki Japanese Restaurant Vancouver

One of my local haunts is Iki Japanese Restaurant, just east of Macdonald on Broadway. They have a few more choices for vegetarians (important to me) than most sushi places, as the chefs are on the adventurous side with the so-called West Coast fusion style. The food is satisfying, though not necessarily profound, but certainly good enough to keep me coming back. They have a main menu, but also have current specials, some of which have proven to be delicious. My latest trip there, I had some herb gyoza. They have the Tofu Fibre bento box, comprising 7 items for 7 bucks - a swell lunch meal deal. Their 'pick-up-sticks' version of tempura yam fries with mayo on the side are a popular item, and with good reason.

bon appetit to all

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I am in the area often but was unaware of this place. Sounds interesting and the images on their website really emphasize the 'brown rice' sushi. It made me think of this restaurant in Tokyo that was run by a Canadian chef from our east (I think Newfoundland) which had lots of brown rice dishes and I frequented many times for lunch. Though no sushi on his menu, a lot of healthy, veggie-based meals were the appeal of that, so very amusing for me to be back in Canada and seeing a Japanese chef utilize the same ingredient over here.

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      I like brown rice, but I actually prefer Iki's makisushi when made with white rice. Odd, no?

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        I don't think I've ever had makisushi with brown rice so can't comment there. Guess a visit to Iki will help me experience it. But I am pretty sure I'll be with you and prefer the regular white.

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          Didn't have time to confirm this 100% before I left for trip to SF, but the old Kits Cafe site on 4th Ave near Yew seems to have a new outpost of Iki in it.