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Apr 20, 2008 10:33 AM

East End Long Island Update

Some late April Updates -

Q East-

Due to ownership changes, Q Restaurant in Quogue has become Q East. Former chef Frank Tramontano is out, but much if the rest of the kitchen and management team remains in place. They are awaiting a new liquor license and currently it is BYOB until Albany issues the new license. Time will tell if Q East can maintain its former Q buzz.


No sign of the former Hampton Bays top eater place. Building remains boarded and for sale.


Sag Harbor sushi place seems to have lost both its former sushi chef and the recipes. A recent visit resulted in truly one of worst sushi and sashimi meal ever. And the prices have gone way UP. Look for more changes or a flame out here.

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  1. F.O.O.D is moving to Southampton Village, where George Martin used to be. But as is usual there's are lots of gov't holdups.

    1. To add to the updates - the owners of Bostwicks have opened Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett. If anyone remembers the fajitas that used to be served at Santa Fe Junction, they are on the menu at Indian Wells!

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      1. re: mangiamama

        They're also opening Snowflake in Easthampton, not sure if name is changing.

        1. re: coll

          Yes, spoke to one of the owners last weekend. He said that they will re-open Bostwicks and then Snowflake. His plans for Snowflake or whatever they will name it sound great. Lots of seafood, relaxed and casual, order at the counter and someone will bring it to the table, family friendly and they will have beer & wine.

      2. The former F.O.O.D. place in Hampton Bays has a fresh coat of paint and a sign announcing Blue Cactus, a Mexican Restaurant – just what Hampton Bays doesn’t need.

        And Sen in Sag Harbor is now one of two place; Sen Spices (Indian cuisine) and Sen (still sushi but you could fool me). This doesn't sound or smell good.

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        1. re: Martin_Chamois

          I meant to post, the Mexican place is the same owner as Agave in Sag Harbor, which is a nice little takeout place with lots of fish dishes. Better than an empty building!

          1. re: coll

            He was the owner for Agaves and the Dockhouse for many summers. I enjoy the new addition to HB restaurants!

            1. re: jaxster777

              He's opening this weekend, the place is really cute and his food is always on the mark IMHO. That stretch is sort of desolate so I was glad to see something going on!

        2. To add to the updates The Southampton Press ran an article today (link below)

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          1. I think Q will do just find with out Frank Tramontano. John Scotts is always a favorite in Westhampton for a laid back scene. there is a new place in westhampton at the dune deck. not sure the name, i think saltwater grille. anyone know anything about it? supposed to be a seafood joint.