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Apr 20, 2008 10:32 AM

Looking for P.R. Recs

We're going to Puerto Rico for 4 days and May and are looking for some local restaurant recommendations. Staying in the Condado area and will have a car. Would like some vegetarian-friendly (we do eat fish but not shellfish) places for breakfast and dinner, the more authentic the better - we're pretty adventurous.
Also, does anyone know if any micro-brew type rum distilleries to visit? Something off the beaten path and not too commercialized.


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  1. If you feel adventurous, stop by a pincho stand and try a grilled pork, beef or chicken pincho. Those stands are not found on the coastal roads, you have to go inside the island. We found one coming back from Camuy River Caves to the north coast, it's very close to the caves on the right shoulder of the highway. They didn't have beef though, but both pork and chicken were fabulous.

    Although we spent 10 days in Puerto Rico, we managed to miss out on lechon, I hope you don't make the same mistake. The catch is that it's only served on weekends. There are even places specializing in it, but I don't know any names.