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Apr 20, 2008 10:31 AM

Set lunch's price for L' Astrance, Paris ??

I plan to went for a lunch in either Ze Kitchen Galerie or L' Astrance with my girlfriend during our trip to Paris in the end of June. But my budget for the lunch will be just around 120- 140 euros. I prefer L' Astrance because of its fabulous reviews. I though there was a 3 courses meal in L'Astrance for juz 45 euros per person 2 years ago. Is the 3 courses meal still available now n whats the latest cost for the 3 courses meal in L ' Astrance ?? Thanks :)

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  1. Three course lunch menu is 70, 110 with wine pairing. Some pics from a recent meal there:

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      Hi Souphie - These pictures are great and really give you a sense of the restaurant. I am planning a birthday lunch in Paris for June, and I think my husband might find L'Astrance a little precious, judging from the pictures. If it is really outstanding, we will go, but if there are other suggestions for a 2-3 star? - I read on this board some mixed reviews on Taillevent. I don't want to spend much above 70E for lunch/person.

      1. re: shopwinedinefine

        I can't say l'Astrance is not a little precious, l'Astrance. As tupac says, those pics were the 8 course menu.

        Those days, 70 euro menus in 2 stars are a rare breed. There's 68 euros at les Elysées (as long as chfe Briffard is here, best deal in town). there's a positive steal at la Table de Joël Robuchon, 55 euros with wine and coffe, probably the best call. There's 75 euros at Lasserre, giving you access to the incredible room with its sunroof and to their traditional, delicious dishes. There's 56 deal at Gérad Besson, a wonderful very traditional place, one star only, but I don't know why they lost their second star.

        1. re: souphie

          hi souphie, will ze kitchen galerie will a great choice since they having really great review and we just need to spent 35 euro 3 courses meal with a glass of free wine per person during lunch time. and their chef William Ledeuil had been voted as "chef of the year" by gault millaut in year 2006. i hope it will be a good deal since i have only limited time in paris to experience their lunch.

          1. re: jsheng

            jsheng- ZKG has quite a souless room and fairly average service. I recognise that a lot of people think the food is very good (although a lot don't - myself included) but I believe you will get a much better "Parisian" experience at the restaurants Souphie recomends.

            These may stretch your budget a bit, however I think it is better to spend a little more and have a memorable lunch rather than go for the lower cost option and have an average experience - after all the magic of Paris is much more than what is simply on the plate.

            1. re: PhilD

              thanks for ur comment PhilD. btw.. i think i will have my dinner at Chez George (1, rue de Mail) the great traditional bistro with lotz of great review for the 1 night to experience the "Parisian" dining. Souphie had mention about the La Table de Joel Robuchon. Will tat be a definite better choice instead of ZKG ??? i quite interested on La Table now.

              1. re: jsheng

                Do you guys know whats the price for the Prix fix lunch set in La table de Joel Robuchon

                1. re: jsheng

                  55 including beverage -- great deal, hard to think of a better meal for that price.

                  At 35, in my opinion, the best food is Chez l'Ami Jean or La Régalade (32 eur menus). But ZKG has its fans. To be honest, I haven't been yet -- but it is on my schedule next week.

                  Chez George le jeu du Mail is indeed very traditional and good. It is also far from light, and if you are looking for best value for your money, I would not include it, but rather have a combination of Chez l'Ami Jean, Robuchon, some good bakeries too.

                  1. re: souphie

                    Million thanks again, Souphie. u r really helpful :) I think i will choose in between Chez Georges or Chez I'Ami Jean since tat I juz read lotz of bad review for chez michel for their recent meal. Do u have any idea wuts the lunch price for another Joel Robuchon restaurant L' Atelier ??? if the price almost the same or slightly higher i might stretch my budget n go for it. last ques. Any recomended "must try meal" for the lunch in La Table ??? Thanks :)

                    1. re: jsheng

                      It's a set menu, I don't think you have a lot of choice. And I don't think that l'Atelier has it.

          2. re: souphie

            Hi Souphie - Once again, this is very helpful. I think I have it down to Les Elysees or Joel will be for lunch for my birthday (and my husband's is the very next day...) so whichever Chowhounders think is the best for celebration....thank you!

        2. re: souphie

          Sigh - I remember the good old days of 2002...the first, and to date, only, time I've been to Astrance. 84 EUR for the 8-course dinner, plus 30 EUR for a lovely bottle of Riesling that accompanied all the courses to perfection.

          But I digress -- Souphie, just a quick question: the pics represent which menu? 5-course or 8 course?

          1. re: Kelly

            Kelly, it was the 8 course menu (current 190E without wine, or 290E with). I think they started counting with the foie gras/mushroom dish. They were also kind enough to bring a second round of the pork belly at someone's request. Smart man, that souphie :)