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Apr 20, 2008 09:34 AM

Looking for Blender recs

Hi, we're in the market for a new blender. We'll probably mostly use it for smoothies and frozen drinks (margaritas, etc.) Any recs?

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  1. I gave my husband (a notorious frozen drinks maker) the Vita Mix blender a couple of years ago. He loves it. We had all manners of benders before --expensive and cheap -- and nothing comes even close to it. It is the same bender you see used in most places that make smoothies. I bought it over the internet, but more recently I've seen some at Costco. I don't know if they have the same power as our, so maybe check specs first on line.

    1. Without getting into brand names (I have a Cuisinart and love it, but I also liked my old Oster, there are plenty more), and based on poor experience with an earlier model (neither of the above), make sure that the base assembly can be uscrewed from the jar -- it makes cleaning infinitely easier. As I recall, Consumer Reports preferred the Black & Decker.

      1. I've used a lot of blenders over the years, both at home and in commercial settings, and I've really come to love the VitaPrep Blender from VitaMix. It's different than the typical blender since you can manually control the blade speed with a dial. Start it out slow and then ramp up the speed as necessary. An excellent tool for both kitchen work and blending drinks and it's my first choice.

        After that, a simple and cheap Hamilton Beach commercial bar blender is hard to beat. Beyond that, I like the Waring Commercial and BlendTec blenders. The last two are pricey but excellent performers.

        I have extensively used (and sometimes destroyed) all the blenders I've listed above.

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          I used to think my Waring blender was pretty great -- until we got the Vita Mix. Now I have a couple lounging in the basement, including what I'll call the ancestral Waring that my mother used in the 1950. It's really cool, but the Vita Mix has got it beat by a mile.

        2. Love the Vita-Mix. I still get a tiny euphoric kick out of it every time I turn it on. My wife calls it The Solublizer. (She's a biologist and I think that word is made up.) I love the way it makes dried chile skins and seeds imperceptible in my chile puree. The fruit and sorbet smoothies I blend are phenomenal.
          See this post:

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            Thanks to all for the suggestions. Vita-Mix got such good press, I went on Amazon to check it out. Holy trophy blender -- I can't believe you all paid over $300 for a blender! I'm a pretty serious cook, love my Wustoff knives, my Le Crueset dutch oven, etc., but I can't imagine paying that much for a blender. Unless I owned a Jamba Juice franchise, of course. I guess it's Hamilton Beach for me...

            1. re: vvv03

              I have a black oster pro blender:


              I paid $53 for it (the price changes all the time on Amazon) and I love it. It's the only blender I ever had that I actually thought worked the way it was supposed to. (I've never owned a Vita-Mix...)

            2. re: Romanmk

              Last week got a used vita mix for $75
              From Craig's list
              Saw some roughly priced the same on ebay
              Got the older sidewinder model. 2 speeds. Good enough for me

            3. it's a shame jenn air discontinued their small appliances.we got an attrezzi blender from's powerful and attractive.they had a line of matching items;blenders,toasters and stand can still get them new on e-bay but i don't know if any warranty will be included.