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Apr 20, 2008 08:12 AM

New Catfish House in Carrollton

Yesterday we went to a new place thar opened a couple of weeks ago in Carrollton called the Catfish House it is located at Old Denton and Frankford in a strip center. It was the real deal. I am always looking for fried catfish that taste like what I grew-up on in the South and this was fantastic. Nice salty cornmeal crunchy crust great fried oyster's they have po-boys , gumbo(which was not bad) shrimp etc. It was cheap clean and really good if your looking for a Southern Catfish fix.

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  1. sounds like *YUM*! we will try this, thanks for the tip...i may not be a native southerner, but i think i've transformed into one...(!)

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    1. re: mlschot

      If you like oysters get those they were so yummy.

      1. re: Analisas mom

        i sooo do love an oyster poboy...maybe this weekend!

    2. I'm going to try this today. Any idea on when they close, or a phone number? I can't find anything on Google since it's such a new place.

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      1. re: dannydrift

        I think they are open for lunch and dinner let us know what you think.

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          thinking about trying this tonight--

          address is 3108 Old Denton Rd. #103

          (214) 483-5377 is what i found for phone, little bit surprised it is not 972...

        2. A successful visit to The Catfish House this evening...excellent crisp, extremely hot, non-greasy fried catfish, oysters (plump and bursting), and really interesting extruded-looking hushpuppies. The only disappointment (perhaps too strong a word) was the beans & rice--it looked like soup. I asked "where's the rice"? expecting a scoop of rice in the middle, and they took it back to insert more rice. When it came back it still looked like soup, but I gave up and tried it--the taste was excellent, very nice, but it just wasn't what I expected.

          Overall, this is a fantastic local find.