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Apr 20, 2008 08:06 AM

Sunday lunch/brunch Loop

Going down next Sunday for matinee show at 18 w Monroe. Thought lunch with family before would be nice. Walking distance to the theater so we can park only once. Cruising around for something decent on a Sunday afternoon left me so far with brunch at Atwood Cafe. Which is fine. Any other ideas? Casual-nice.

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  1. Atwood Cafe is a very nice choice. It's a very classy place, with overstuffed seats, fine service, etc. I particularly like their stuffed French toast.

    One other choice for Sunday brunch, like Atwood Cafe also a couple blocks from the theater, is the Gage, the gastropub; you can see their brunch menu on their website at

    Also within walking distance are Orange on Harrison, just south of the Loop, which specializes in egg and pancake dishes, and Lou Mitchell's, on the west side of the Loop, which also specializes in breakfast. However, both of these places are a good 6 blocks away, whereas Atwood and the Gage are only two blocks. Also, you can't make a reservation at either, and they might be busy on a Sunday, whereas you can make a reservation at Atwood and the Gage.