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Apr 20, 2008 08:03 AM

Red Hook Ball Fields

Does anyone know when the Red Hook ball fields get started?

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  1. According to Curbed, they may not open until June this year. Bummer, because I plan to be in New York next weekend.

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      1. re: Xiao Yang

        Also just as a heads up starting next Sunday 5/18 I read that a decent amount of the vendors from the ball park will also be at the new Brooklyn Flea market off the G Clinton/Washington Stop.

        1. re: MsAlyp

          Did anyone check this out over the weekend?

          1. re: Nehna

            I was at the flea yesterday. Only fruit and corn was there. Supposedly next week there will be pupusas and huaraches.

            1. re: fleaster

              Both times I've been to the flea I've spent all my money on food.

              1. re: fleaster

                Is there food when the Flea opens at 10a? Or does it take time for the vendors to fire everything up?

          2. re: Xiao Yang

            If anyone has a chance to try the food being sold at the baseball fields in lieu of soccer tacos, I highly recommend it! I went last weekend and after waiting in line for about 20 minutes, I saw the older woman inside of a red van dipping her bare hands into a bucket of what looked like mashed up liver. Turned out the only two options they had were barbacoa (stewed goat meat) and tacos de sangre. I love barbacoa, and although this one was a bit on the fattier side, it was delicious. I was a bit hesitant about the taco de sangre but was pleasantly was rich and flavorful, not too gamey or "bloody" tasting at all. If you can get past the name and the bare hands, it's definitely worth it. I'm not sure if this was truly a bunch of coagulated blood that I was eating, but if it was, I consider myself converted.

            1. re: chowzdown

              Did you eat at the baseball fields on Saturday, or on Sunday? More to the point, do you know if these vendors serve food on both days, or just one?

                1. re: ballulah

                  I asked the (exact same) question on another thread and got no answer. (except some highly useful info about the regular ballfields.)

                  I can tell you I was there last Sat late morning and nada. Would definitely love to have some more precise and updated 4-1-1 on when to go and what to get.

                  1. re: ballulah

                    I read on another blog that the baseball field vendors are SUNDAY ONLY. I haven't been nor witnessed this myself, just what I read. I might check it out tomorrow and report back.

                    1. re: contempt

                      Dave et al: unlike the soccer fields, where it's become a business quite apart from the sport schedule, the baseball fields' food is still totally tied to the league schedule. When there's no game, there's no food. The games so far have been Sundays only. I'm not sure if other leagues will be starting or if playoffs are on more than Sundays. Only way to find out is to have a conversation with a vendor.

                      As an aside, how many of us go back far enough to remember that the "main" food vendors at the soccer fields used to only be there for player support as well?

            2. I just ate there today. I had one of the best tacos of my life-- arepas too. Then my father went and another friend rode his bike from Williamsburg. Everybody had great stuff.

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              1. re: miafood

                Are you sure you went to the red hook food stands? My SO and son went down there today and reported back that the stands are not open yet. I was totally bummed cause i was looking forward to a huarache and a barbacoa taco.

                Did you perhaps go to the vendors on the fields further down (smaller, some selling out of coolers)? Or were they lying to me so they could keep all the delicious food for themselves? ; )

                1. re: missmasala

                  I drove by on Sunday and they were not there... A friend also reported that she didn't see them on Saturday either.

                2. re: miafood

                  They have arepas now? Which stand?

                3. Here's the response I got from Cesar Fuentes when I asked him about the ball fields. The English translation is mine and may not be exact.

                  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
                  From: cesar fuentes
                  Date: 2008/5/4
                  Subject: RE: Red Hook vendors

                  Estimado Sr. Wilson,
                  Dear Mr. Wilson,

                  Gracias por su interes en nuestro evento.
                  Thank you for your interest in our event.

                  Aunque afortunadamente ganamos el permiso permanente para poder operar en el parque por los proximos 6 anos, todavia necesitamos aclarar ciertos requerimientos antes de comenzar oficialmente.

                  Although we fortunately obtained permanent permission to be able to operate in the park for the next 6 years, we still need to clarify certain requirements before officially beginning.

                  Esperamos comenzar al final de este mes -Mayo, Labor Day Weekend- o en las primeras semanas de Junio.
                  We hope to begin at the end of this month - May, Labor Day Weekend - or in the first weeks of June.

                  En nombre de los vendedores, me agrada saber que, asi como ud. hallan muchos hinchas amigos esperando nuestra pronta apertura. Le dejare saber nuestro dia oficial de apertura pronto.
                  In the name of the vendors, I am happy to know that they find many friends and fans like yourself hoping for our prompt opening. I will let you know our official day of opening soon.


                  Cesar Fuentes
                  Executive Director
                  Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park Inc.
                  PO Box 48
                  New York, NY 10159

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                  1. re: fat_hot

                    Thanks for that info, fat hot! Just what I was looking for!

                    1. re: fat_hot

                      He means Memorial Day weekend, of course. Good news. Glad they found a way to jump through all the hoops that the city idiotically put in front of them.

                      1. re: Woodside Al

                        “…We still need to clarify certain requirements before officially beginning…” Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but that doesn’t sound definite to me. It sounds like Mr. Fuentes is hedging himself a bit, I hope he proves me wrong – I miss those pupusas.

                    2. can anyone expound on the differences here and what i can find at Flushing Meadow Park or on Roosevelt ?

                      I've never been to the Red Hook fields, but it definitely looks good..

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                      1. re: hboogz

                        hboogz, in Red Hook, at least in the past, you would find about twenty vendors selling everything from drinks like Horchata and Jamaica to huaraches and quesadillas, pupusas, grilled corn and ceviche. Each vendor generally sticks to a specialty and the food is generally better than what's available elsewhere in the City. Plus, you have a generally upbeat atmosphere since you're surrounded by multiple soccer games.

                        I recently moved to Queens, making Red Hook a bit of a schlep. I was hoping that I'd find something close to what goes on in Red Hook at Flushing Meadows. Can you tell me more about what I can find there, and where exactly in the park I can find it? Thanks.

                        1. re: Greg

                          i have not purchased food from vendors at Flushing Meadows, due to overwhelming shyness. the thing is, it's very difficult to tell the difference between people selling their foods and people barbequeing for themselves and their friends. also, it's spread out all over the park.

                          the advantage of the set-up at the Red Hook Soccer fields is that all the vendors are concentrated in one area, and therefore are clearly all vendors. this makes it much less scary for a shy girl like me.


                          1. re: charlie_b

                            There are a few vendors near the College Point Blvd exits that are clearly selling to the public. One has a sign that iirc says that they're Guatemalan. The others are Ecuadorean and specialize in guinea pig. I haven't tried it there, only because of the price. Despite my almost-fluency in Spanish, they insist on charging me gringo prices.
                            They're in the park almost every Saturday and Sunday when the weather is nice.

                            1. re: el jefe

                              Cuy is notoriously expensive here in the city - it usually runs $25-$35 per "serving".

                              1. re: lambretta76

                                I know. And that's what they're charging in Flushing Meadow Park. I'm not trying to generalize here, but I find it hard to believe that they're selling dozens of cuy every weekend at those prices.
                                Maybe Charlie B was right and the "vendors" are set up mostly for friends and family.
                                I haven't check in years but you used to be able to buy frozen cuy in some of the bodegas on Roosevelt Ave for a reasonable price

                              2. re: el jefe

                                You can still find guinea pig in the freezer case at Casa América...


                                ...though the more whimsical signs have vanished. Has anyone here actually tried cooking cuy?

                                1. re: DaveCook

                                  In the parks, it's usually grilled. My brother slow-cooked it on the bbq. It was excellent. But then again, you can say that about almost anything that is smoked properly.

                                2. re: el jefe

                                  Gracias, el jefe. By the way, I would say you have a plethora of pinatas.

                                  1. re: Greg

                                    I'm pretty sure most of them are there to sell to the public. Even the tiniest makeshift soccer fields have 1-2 vendors. E.g. the concrete field of Sunnyside (right where the Farmer's market meets on Sundays) gets a lot of soccer action, I was there few Saturdays ago and noticed one lady setting her wares from the back of a black limo. She said she was Equadorian. She only had 1 dish - tongue stew in some red sauce with rice, $6. Really really good, my SO still talks about it. Neither of us speak Spanish, but we never hesitate to ask if the food is for sale. The worst can happen, we get invited to a meal :)

                          2. Does anyone know if they're going to manage to open up the stands at the Red Hook fields this weekend? I don't see anything on the myspace site, but I'm contactless today and easily distracted....


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                            1. re: bgrey

                              no, still working on permit stuff. 3 vendors will be at bk flea tomorrow tho - more info at The 'Chop if interested...

                              1. re: J. Slab

                                Per Cesar, “We cannot start until the city approves our permits [and these are] being processed as we speak. Unfortunately, that can still take a couple more weeks before we are given a go. Realistically speaking, we can probably expect to open Mid-June.”


                                1. re: J. Slab

                                  Man was it a madhouse today - the pupusa vendor must've had a line about 40 people deep. Good for them, though! I'm sure it's not a replacement for the ballfields, but it's nice they're able to make a living despite the Parks Department and DoHMH assininery.