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Apr 20, 2008 07:29 AM

Does Coffee count as food?

Looking for a new coffee maker - our cuisinart died after about 4 years. Looked on coffeegeek and we're leaning toward brands like Newco, Capresso and Technivorm, none of which are available locally (unless anyone knows of a dealer in TO).
Hoping for something that doesn't "boil" in the plastic resevoir, and something that stays hot for a reasonable time!
Any recommendations?

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  1. Of course it's's the staff of life (joking...sort of). If you have been on coffegeek you know that press coffee gets universally high marks. I put a tea cosy over mine so the next cup is hot, too. I currenlty also have a Capresso and have not noticed much difference (any meaningful difference) beyween it and Krups and Brauns I have had in the past but a definite difference between it and anything with a glass carafe and a warming plate. I'd find what I wanted and order to online. BTW, stay off of the espresso maker threads on coffeegeek unless you are an engineer or someone with couple of thousand dollars to spend!

    1. I had a Capresso, currently have a Technivorm that drips into an insulated carafe. I've liked both of them. My Capresso was still going after 6 years, but I wanted the thermos and the Technivorm. The Technivorm makes great coffee, especially if you tinker with it during the first minutes of brewing. The timer on the Capresso was a wonderful bonus: fill witih water and beans the night before, then wake up to the sound of beans grinding and the smell of coffee. Ahhhh! .

      Never was a fan of presses, until I met the Aeropress. ~$25, and makes a fantastic single cup of coffee.