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Apr 20, 2008 06:09 AM

Richmond - went to The Lounge at Verbena last night

After reading the review in the TD on Thursday, I kept it in mind for after movie/theatre since they serve until 1:00.

We got there at 10:00; the restaurant was crowded as was The Lounge, but we found two seats at the bar. Nice (with some unique offerings) of wines by the glass. We ordered two small plates: rabbit empanadas and duck dumplings. Not good. They were both way too salty, and the pastry was all wrong - as my husband said, it's under- and overcooked at the same time. I called them mystery meat frozen appetizers, since there was really no discernible rabbit nor duck in them, and they had the texture of frozen, ready-made appetizers. The women next to us got the mini-pizza and while they seemed to enjoy it, I swear it looked like something out of a Lean Cuisine box, or the type you get at a ball game. Of course, I didn't taste it, so I can't judge. The service seemed a bit confused up there. The bartender was very nice, though.

I still want to try Verbena for dinner, but we'll be skipping The Lounge from here on out. I'd rather go back to Can Can for the cheese plate on those rare nights we find ourselves out after 10:00.

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  1. Bummer. Went to sensi for the first time and while it was very good (will eventually post) it too was salty. seems to be a trend! maybe it's the switch to sea salt everywhere that just makes things taste so salty...
    but i was hoping to love verbena and the lounge looked interesting.

    1. We haven't tried Verbena yet but have had several friends who enjoyed it. They had meals, so not sure if that makes a difference (it shouldn't IMO but who knows).

      1. The original comment has been removed