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Apr 20, 2008 06:02 AM

Indian ingredients in Metro Atlanta.

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for Indian ingredients in metro Atlanta. Nothing extremely fancy, just things like urad dal, toor dal, amchur (mango) powder and maybe curry leaves. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you. :O).

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  1. not sure where you live, but the dekalb farmers market has a lot of spices at great prices. there is an indian grocery at the intersection of briarcliff and north druid hills in a little strip mall

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    1. re: atlantanative

      I've been to Your Dekalb several times and would shop there daily if I lived closer, but alas I don't and have to stock up when I'm near there. :O). My friend says he knows the intersection you're talking about, so maybe we can go there. The last time I went to Dekalb, I was looking for curry leaves (never used them before) and couldn't find any.

      1. re: soleado123

        If the International Farmers Market just off exit 99 off 85 is still there, Jimmy Carter, they had a good assortment of Indian. Big Indian population in Norcross apparently. Similarly, the IFMs on Jonesboro Road in Morrow also carry some, but less than on Jimmy Carter.

        1. re: birgator

          That IFM moved to the Grand Mart place that's right across from Patacon Pisao, also on Jimmy Carter. It may not be as good as the old location, but there's still good stuff to be found there.

        2. re: soleado123

          if you do go to the grocery on briarcliff, just know it is not the strip mall with Lohemans and Lettuce Souprise you - it is on briarcliff next to the Target - good little Indian vegetarian restaurant in there too (Chapatti)

      2. I love Dekalb Farmers Market too and shop there every week, but for Indian ingredients you may want to check out Patel Brothers in the strip center on the corner of DeKalb Industrial, Lawrencville Hwy and Scott (all 3 come together there). Avoid Saturdays though - it gets crazy crowded.

        1. Another place you could try is Cherians at 751 Dekalb Industrial Way in Decatur. It is a new and all-Indian supermarket that I think opened in January. For someone like me, who loves Indian food in restaurants but only knows how to cook chickpeas, the selection seemed overwhelming! I think they probably have all the ingredients you are looking for.

          1. Thank you for the help. I am excited now. :O).