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Apr 20, 2008 05:56 AM

So what's coming next in Leslieville?

Hanoi Chic on Queen near Jones has a liquor licence notice in their window and a closing notice on their door. A natural assumption is there will be a restaurant going in. I haven't been in to find out, anyone have any info? Also, a bakery is opening at Broadview and Queen, but not sure yet if it will be a retail outlet or not. Just what Leslieville needs, another bakery!!

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  1. Hanoi Chic has the same owner as the Hanoi 3 Seasons resto at Gerrard/Broadview.

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    1. re: embee

      That would be great, a Vietnamese resto. right on my doorstep!!!!!

      1. re: Leslieville

        The Hanoi 3 Seasons owners mentioned to us a couple weeks ago that they are opening in June...

    2. I would love a great takeaway place with either a) burritos or b) roti
      It seems I'm always craving this kind of food on nights I have no groceries (like last night...) Within walking distance, of course.

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      1. re: thenurse

        Yoga Spice in the Beach has great take out Roti, if you care to venture that far. It is a little place, on the south side of Queen, near Beech (It might be Yogi Spice, now that I think about it)
        He makes everything fresh in the restaurant, so it is really tasty. The resto is quite small, as most of his business is take out

      2. There is also a liquor license application in the window of the old Medical Building at Queen and Curzon. Any ideas what's opening there??

        I would love a great, comfy English pub for the 'hood.

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        1. re: tomgrrrl

          Apparently the owners are renovating it, getting the liquor license, then will be trying to rent it to a potential bar/resto. So went the rumour anyway.

          They're also applying for a patio but I can't imagine them getting it right in front of an old folks' home.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            Ownership might have changed since the medical centre moved but, at least as of last year, that building was actually owned by the old folks home.

        2. I'm moving to Leslieville supposedly next year, or whenever the condo construction is completed. My wish list for the immediate neighbourhood is simple: a 24-hour supermarket (Dominion? Sobey's? even a Rabba?) and an LCBO. Groceries and booze are basic necessities of life for me, and rank much higher than yet another bakery or hipster restaurant/lounge.

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          1. re: TheGloaming

            Good point on the LCBO.

            Does anyone know if something's planned for the building right next to Jillies? The facade's been re-worked for a while now. Wondering if there's something interesting coming in there.

            1. re: TheGloaming

              There's no 24 hour supermarket on the horizon. The convenience store at Broadview & Queen is a ripoff joint.

              The nearest decent boozery is near Kingston Rd on Queen. The LCBO on Gerrard near Carlaw was renovated recently without being expanded (they have plenty of land) and is almost useless.

              This has always been a takeout wasteland. At the moment, Reliable Fish & Chips and Sushi Marche are pretty much it. Cajun corner was never predictably open evenings and is now gone. Lisa's (a film set caterer) was run out of their condo building on Carlaw and isn't very public anymore.

              1. re: embee

                Pari Discounts on the NE corner of Broadview and Queen is really not a bad convenience store. They have lots of everything, some passable veg, couple of types of Ace bakery bread and ALL the staples. It certainly not fancy new Leslieville but nice people and a good place to drop in to get basics.

                1. re: Mila

                  Agreed. Pari Discount is a good corner store.

            2. I've heard alot of rumours about whats next for leslieville. Firstly rumour is a Sobeys is going in where the old funeral home at broadview and queen was, south side next to the BMO. I've heard a Timothys or Tim Hortons might be going in, in between Jillys and Prohibition, acroass from SOMA, in the old castle place. A new furniture store is going in beside Burger Shoppe, the owners of Izakya (sp?) are moving into the old Food Savvy Spot and lastly, PicNic is going in under the new riverside lofts a couple of doors down from Jimmys Place.
              Granted these are all rumours but hey, they can't all be wrong, right?