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Apr 19, 2008 09:58 PM

Former Accolade Chef

There was a restaurant Accolade in the Intercontinental Hotel (connected to the Metro Convention Centre). At one point they started serving blind tasting menu only; circa 2001? Anyone remember who the chef was at that time?

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  1. Michael Potters, who's now the owner/chef of Harvest in Picton.

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    1. re: ace123

      Thanks. I think he was on Opening Soon.

      1. re: Apprentice

        Interesting. When will that be?

        He's 1 of my favorite chefs. After he left Accolade, I met him several times in Toronto Taste. I couldn't wait to try the new place.

        I think he's probably the first one in Toronto to launch blind tasting menu. Each course they brought out was covered with a large silver dome & uncovered on the table. Each course was very enjoyable. He's very talented.

        1. re: ace123

          I saw it maybe a month or two ago. I only experienced Accolade's blind tasting once, I remember enjoying it but recall very little. At the time, I didn't "follow" chefs and was very new to tasting menus period. My SO at the time didn't eat pork or beef or game so she asked for the vegetarian menu which was disappointing. I'm inclined to make the drive down sometime in the summer.