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Apr 19, 2008 09:47 PM

Brixx Pizza - Charlotte NC

Curious as to Charlotteans' (and others') overall opinions of Brixx. I have had the pizza there in the past and it was OK, not the best but not bad. I did like their spinach artichoke dip appetizer. Ate there with a friend tonight and ordered the Brixx salad (comes with pine nuts and goat cheese) and added salmon at an extra $4 cost, thinking it would be a nice piece of (warm) salmon. It came with some shreds of cold, fishy tasting salmon on top with a lot of the skin still on it. Not the best salad I've ever had for $10... and the floor seemed pretty dirty (East Blvd).
I know it's not a "top of the line" chowhound place, but so many people in Charlotte seem to love Brixx.

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  1. I like Brixx because I don't always want thick crust pizza, not because I think it is the best in town. I frequently order the salad you mention (but never with salmon) and I have always found it to be fresh. I am surprised at the floor; I have always thought they were pretty clean (the restroom usually is too).
    Brixx is in my mix of to-go pizza joints in the area. My top choice is Riccio's and next is Portofino's, but when I want something diffrerent or lighter, the BBQ chix, mexican or artichoke pizzas are a good variation.

    1. I've always been underwhelmed with Brixx. It's fine to go for a beer and an app, but there's much better pizza available in the QC these days.

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        do you all know if Brixx is a chain that expands outside of charlotte? again, just curious. do the owners own other CLT restaurants?

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          I am aware of one in Greensboro and another in Chapel Hill. Not sure whether they are franchise locations.

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            There is also a Brixx in Greenville, South Carolina.

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              There's also one in Raleigh that is nothing too impressive.

        2. We go to the Brixx in Greensboro pretty frequently. We are semi-addicted to the Bronx Bomber pizza (prosciutto, Italian sausage, gorgonzola) but are really addicted to the $1.50 microbrew draft special on Monday nights. Great beer selection at a great price and the thin crust pizza really complements the beer without filling you up. The other pizzas we've tried don't have as much flavor and we really like the Greensboro location more than the Charlotte locations we have tried (including the original one in uptown Charlotte).

          1. I really like Brixx for a not-so-heavy, slightly healthier pizza. Though it pains me to nod towards the 'burbs, I have definitely noticed that the quality has been better at the Birkdale location than the Dilworth one.

            1. If nothing else, it's a successful concept. Limited menu that's easy to execute. Family friendly but still grown up enough to entice couples w/ their good beer selection and decent wines by the glass (specials are good too). It's clearly workin' for them cuz they are expanding everywhere.

              We occasionally will go there w/ the kids. I can get a Brixx salad w/ chix and a glass of wine and the kids can get pizzas and pasta. It's not great food but it's decent and affordable and easy. Not bad for a chain.