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Apr 19, 2008 08:46 PM

Murray Hill - Good burgers and a Good Bar?

I live on 3rd avenue in the 20's and I am looking for good burgers at fun bars. I wanted to start by recommending a good bar that has gotten some mixed reviews.

Artica Bar on 3rd btwn 27th and 28th.

They have a very affordable Sunday brunch menu and the seats in the back are big and spacious. I went with my wife, our 4 month old daughter and her grandparents. We had no problems getting a seat and they offered to help as much as possible with the baby. I got to sit back with my family, who were finally out of my apartment. I was able to enjoy a beer, watch some baseball and relax for an hour. Since this was my first time there for brunch I had to go for the Irish breakfast and it was well worth it. Lots of good food, some of which I'm not sure of what it was. Also the bloody maries were nice and spicy

In the past I've had their Bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer that was over cooked, but the chicken satays were really good

Finally if you are willing to have a good burger, actually a great burger that is not made in a way that you would normally ask for then you must have the Arctica Sirloin Burger Black Pepper crusted, Roquefort blue cheese, portabella mushroom.

Downstairs is pretty cool looking but the only reason I've hung out down there was weighting in line to go to the bathroom because I didn't know about the upstairs bathroom.

One final point, if you do find yourself at Arctica take a few minutes to look at the pictures and read the story on the menu and on the Endurance Ale. If you get roped into the story I highly recommend you read Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansig.

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  1. it's a little south but i ate at maxie's on 19th & park the other night. good burger and set up. more of a restaurant then bar. i've been to arcita a few times as well, it is a decent spot. the downstairs is usually for large groups/parties. as for burgers mollys is supposed to have a great one.

    1. Rare has a good burger and its rooftop bar should be open now.