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Apr 19, 2008 08:44 PM

Late night eats in Vancouver

How about a thread on late night eats here in Vancouver?

I usually eat at a reasonable time, but now and again, I go out for a late night snack. Such was the case last weekend, when I discovered that many places are closed by 10pm or 11pm.

I ended up at the Congee Noodle House on Broadway @ Main, which is open until 1am on weeknights and 2am on the weekend. I'd been there before, and the food is great, especially for the price.

So if you have any late-night dining suggestions, let's see them posted here.

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  1. Martini's for me. Decent food, great drinks prices.

    Another fav is Honolulu on Main. It's always the instant noodle, satay soup, chicken thigh and pork sausage for $6 or $7

    1. Gloucester Cafe. Good comfort HK cafe food... and service seems better with the re-opening.

      Landmark Hot Pot does late-night small plates/snacks.

      1. My expectations of late night eats are pretty low. There are a few 24-hr Pho places in town that really hit the spot - eg Pho Hoa (some locations are open 24/7) or...just drive down Hastings or Kingsway until you see an open one. Pizza by slice - Megabite and Uncle Fatih's at Broadway and Commercial. Frtiz Fries on Davie.

        1. Went for a walk up Main St last night myself - it really was sad to see it so slow on a Saturday night at 11 pm! The pubs and restaurants were sparsely populated at best. The coffee houses were the hopping-est joints around - can you imagine? Maybe everybody was salivating over the latest bloodsport event at the sports bars or something...

          My late night stop-in is Big Johnny's Pizza just off of Macdonald at 4th for good hearty slices.

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            Lots of students live near Main St.... it is exam time right now at UBC. Might have a bit to do with it (I know the late night buses last night weren't nearly as busy as they normally are going back to campus).

            But, on topic, I'm with aburitoro... my late night spot is definitely the Congee Noodle House. I've only been going there for a year, but already, a big steaming bowl of congee is comfort food. Especially past midnight.

            1. re: peter.v

              It's also the slowest season in the Vancouver restaurant business right now. Right after Valentine's day ( or the closest Fri and Sat), the scene grinds to a halt until summer season starts.

          2. Vancouver's late-night scene is a bit dismal. The fantastic Congee Noodle House is my pick as well. If you're in Kits, head to The Naam for vegetarian or if you're desperate, go up to W. Broadway to Calhoun's--24 hour place usually packed with students. The food and coffee are serviceable at best, though. Another HK Cafe option is iCafe on Broadway near Heather. They're usually open until 1 or 2. If you're willing to drive out to Richmond though, the options for HK Cafes/Taiwanese BBT Cafes are much, much better. Pearl Castle in the Continental Plaza is open late most nights and the food is actually more than edible.