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Apr 19, 2008 08:35 PM

Broccoli stems.

Recently saw an old Ken Hom video where he roughly peeled and sliced the 3 inch or so bit below the florets and added it to a stir fry. Well I must tell you that this tastes great, an unexpected peppery/radishy flavour which I also sometimes add to salads or just nibble raw.No longer will I begrudge paying for that extra bit. Try it.

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  1. I heartily agree!!! I think it the best part of broccoli! Sometimes, it's just for the cook!

    1. try making broccoli soup with the stems - not all the way down, though- chix broth, peeled stems, a bit of fresh thyme if you have it.
      Puree at end or put through a food mill and add some florets to broth and cook until al dente. Great with a few good croutons.

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        I have a recipe for broccoli stems. Stems are stir fried. Soy sauce and 1/2c of chicken soup is added. The other half of the broth is cooled and mixed with cornstarch and then added to the broccoli to thicken. Sliced water chesnuts are also added.

      2. the stems make great dog training rewards. our dogs like broccoli stems almost as much as asparagus tails.

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        1. re: silverhawk

          I also use broccoli stems and asparagus tails for my dogs! They LOVE them! Also cauliflower stews, and lettuce cores! Though we arm wrestle over the sugar snap peas!

        2. Broccoli stems are great and under-rated. I don't actually like the mouthfeel of the florets very much, and would rather eat the stems. Such a waste when people throw them away.

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          1. re: Karen_Schaffer

            My SO is like this, so he gets the stems.

          2. My latest favorite way to enjoy them is sliced and dipped into hummus.

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                2nd the coleslaw. Mann's sells a broccoli slaw (same company that sells florets use of what would otherwise be cast offs) ever since I saw this I've been adding it to my own.