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Apr 19, 2008 08:12 PM

Cooking Classes in Sydney?

Any suggestions on cooking classes, specifically Australian, in Sydney? I will be taking my wife to Sydney later this year for our anniversary and in addition to sampling several restaurants, we're thinking of taking a cooking class while there. I welcome any suggestions/recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. If you like seafood, you'd probably enjoy Sydney Seafood School ( They run cooking classes of varying themes throughout the year. Sometimes they have classes headed up by well-known chefs from the Sydney restaurant scene. Classes are held at the Sydney Fish Markets (Pyrmont) which itself is a bit of an attraction for visitors to Sydney. I'm booked in for a class myself next month in fact.

    As for "specifically Australian" food, well ... as has been exhaustively debated and commented on in this forum, I'm not sure there is such a thing as "Australian food". To me Australian food means food that has drawn influences from our multicultural heritage, with the strongest influences probably being European and Asian cuisine. I'd venture that the average metropolitan Australian is as happy slurping up a bowl of laksa as they are scoffing a meat pie.

    Besides the SSS, community colleges around Sydney also usually have cooking classes of different cuisines and themes too if you look these up on the web. You will probably find these classes are a bit cheaper than the SSS classes, but then they are not necessarily run by industry professionals. I know the kitchen kit shop Accoutrement in Mosman also run cooking classes but these are demos by star Sydney chefs rather than participatory cooking classes (well they were when I last went a couple of years ago).

    By the way if you dig around there are often classes like these mentioned that involve "food tours" of Sydney's various food-centric suburbs (for want of a better expression). So you might find a Vietnamese class that takes you on a tour of the myriad Vietnamese butchers, grocers and pho shops of Cabramatta. On an Italian tour you might go to Leichardt, Five Dock and Haberfield to visit the bakeries, delis and pasta shops. Chinatown for Chinese etc. In fact there is a company recently started up called Gourmet Safaris that exclusively runs this kind of thing. If you can afford the time these might be fun for you too.

    Anyway, hope this info helps.

    1. On the other hand if by "Australian" you meant Vegemite sandwiches and stuff, come over to my house and I'll give you a cooking class in the art of making a great Vegemite sandwich. And there IS an art. But I can't post the secrets here ...

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        great answers on both counts Tsar.
        I have done a SSS cooking class - the 4 week one, years ago. It was really good. I think the "themed" ones with bespoke chefs would be great for an out of towner - sample a "signature" dish and learn how to cook it.

        I also know Caveau in Wollongong (approx. 1 hour south of sydney) runs a monthly Sunday class.
        I reckon a dinner there on Saturday night, a last minute hotel deal, and the cooking class would have to be one of the best value weekends around.

      2. In case you come back to Sydney, check out the option to do it at home. I have just done it with a chef and she was really good as we discussed at length what I wanted to learn,
        Let me know