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Apr 19, 2008 08:10 PM

Breakfast locations in Burbank

My husband has to meet a client in the Burbank area close to the 5 freeway, easy access as his client wants to drive off and meet and straight back on again, he is from 'out of state'....
I looked up hotels in the area but all looked a bit dodgy.... anyone know anything there, I know there must be something other than a Star$$s!!
Thankyou so much
this meeting might be a big lead so we can get a babysitter and go out to dinner more often!!

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  1. Well, it depends how "nice" it needs to be. There's Norm's (which is NOT NOT NOT the chain restaurant) on Magnolia a couple of blocks west of Victory. There's Porto's, a little further away (on the SE corner of Magnolia and Hollywood Way).

    Tallyrand is on Olive just south of Verdugo and is an old-style "family restaurant". Call ahead to make sure they still open for breakfast.

    Of course, if IMMEDIATE freeway access is more important than the food, there's Corner Bakery on Burbank Blvd. and San Fernando, literally three blocks from the freeway.

    1. Chez Nous has a nice breakfast as well as pastry spread.

      Coral Cafe is another option.

      Depending upon what time, George's Patio Cafe opens at 10.

      1. We like Olives' in the Annabelle Hotel on Olive, but it's not right off the 5. I would recommmend Hill Street Cafe on 3301 N Glenoaks, just a couple blocks from the Buena Vista exit of I-5. Is the guy coming from the north or the south up the 5?

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