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Apr 19, 2008 07:14 PM

AYCE Sushi Dinner in Downtown Toronto (within walking distance of U of T)

Hi everyone. I never had sushi downtown before, so I desperately need your help! I am planning to celebrate my graduation with my friends at a AYCE sushi restaurant for DINNER. The challenge is finding a place with the following criteria:
-downtown (walking distance from u of t)
-affordable/cheap (I'm paying for about 15 people - maybe max is $20/person including taxes and tips)
***spacious (that can fit all of us!)-extremely extremely important
-fresh food and good food
-large selection (especially maki rolls - don't really like fried dishes)
-efficient and friendly service
-nice decor/decent appearance
So far, MASA Sushi seems like a nice place (from the pictures on the website). Should I go there or there's other recommendations? Your help is greatly appreciated =) THANK YOU!!!

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  1. there is Shima which is between Huron and Beverley on Dundas .. it's $17.99 on weekdays and you can get anything on the menu

    1. Sushi Island on College (a little west of Bathurst)... i believe it's between $15-20 for AYCE

      1. Kuni Sushi Ya on Baldwin near McCaul has AYCE sushi. I like the place -- large, clean, decent food.

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          Thanks for the recommendation wordgirl, but Sushi Island is always very crowded, and the tables are very close together (I heard from others). I'm looking for a place that is very spacious. Tables that are not too close together.

          I never heard of Shima and Kuni, so I'll have to look into that. Thanks guys! Any other recommendations so that I'll be able to check all of them out on the same day?

          1. re: brebreannaanna

            Masa has a small selection, especially for rolls. No fancy ones like green dragon etc, just very basic ones, like salmon. But space is nice.

            Natural Sushi on Yonge south of Charles is also cheap, has more selection than Masa, but quality is not good.

            Mariko near the Eaton Centre is only $15 per person for AYCE I think, but I've not had their sushi there (afraid to!)

        2. if you're willing to go as far as sushi island, how about sushi D on college near there
          i think it fits a lot of your criteria. the last time i've been, the food was pretty decent. nothing to write home about tho...

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            Sushi D's sushi is not really up to snuff (I remember them being tasteless). Their hot foods esp the deep fried ones are good, but that's opposite to what the OP wants.

            1. re: Teep

              I don't know, I 've been to Sushi D a couple times now, and its normally pretty spacious, the decor is pretty nice and the food is very good. Will have to try out Sushi Island next time though.

          2. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I really appreciate it =)
            I decided on a boundary considering most of my girlfriends will be in heels (we're going after the graduation ceremony) and I don't think they would want to walk! Any good places in the area...Bloor-Yonge-Dundas-Bathurst?
            Very important: Spacious, nice decor, fresh and good food, variety, and CHEAP (please don't empty out my wallet!)
            THANKS for your help everyone!

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            1. re: brebreannaanna

              I agree with the Kuni Sushi Ya suggestion. I work nearby and it's our "go to" sushi place with a big group. While it's not the best sushi I've ever had, it's good and the place is clean and large. Plus, I don't think you'll find anything closer to Convocation Hall and walking to Bathurst in stilettos doesn't sound like fun to me!

              1. re: brebreannaanna

                Kuni Sushi Ya is my preferred AYCE spot. It is a great value. I'd call to confirm the lunch AYCE is available (I didn't see it when I was there over lunch in February 2008).