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Apr 19, 2008 07:13 PM

Pizza in NW Philly, Glenside, Wyncote, Jenkintown . . .

Our standby is Rizzo's in Glenside but new ownership has brought some changes that we are not comfortable with. Are there any other places in the area with outstanding pizza?


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  1. Rizzo's changed hands again? Wow. As for whoever bought it, they're getting a lot of mileage out of a family name that quit the biz a few decades ago. Or, are you talking about those who bought it in the early 80's? As a 50's child who remembers the original, nobody comes close.

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      Went just this last Saturday at 8:55PM. The closing time on the door clearly stated 10:00PM. I walk to the counter and an Asian gentleman asks "pick up?" I say "no, I wanna place an order". He says "sorry kitchen closed". I say "but the sign says closing time is 10:00PM. He says that the kitchen is closing an hour early because they're slow. I say "ok, but how do I know if you are closing early or not in the future?" He shrugs and says "it's not my decision". I ask "oh, who's decision was it to close early?" He says "mine". I respond "but you just told me that it wasn't your decision". Again he shrugs. I'm done with the place. Damn good pizza though.


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        Thanks for the update. I remember Saturday nights when there was a line waiting to get in at 9p.m. Perhaps our shrugging host has turned away more than he realizes. Tell him, "Too many kitchen closed = restaurant closed."

    2. Roman Delight on Old York Road in Abington has very good thin crust pizza. I always thougth it was better than Rizzo's in any incarnation. I also like Couch Tomato in Manayunk.

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        As I munch on a slice, I vote for Cosimo's in the Willow Grove Mall. Expensive for a family dinner but great for a slice on the go. The homemade Iced Tea is excellent.