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Apr 19, 2008 06:02 PM


Anyone have any recs for the best carnitas in or around NYC? thanks!

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  1. Just want to "warn" you that the carnitas in many of the little taquerias in the back of stores in Port Richmond/Sunset Park or up on Roosevelt or at the ballfields are not simply slow roast pork shoulder that is then fried like you would find in LA or AZ but have everything but the oink. I think it reflects the Puebla/Guerrero/Oaxaca influence here.

    1. regardless of the style of the carnitas, the best i've had in ny so far has been at tacqueria coatzingo in jackson heights. if you can make it out there it's definitely worth the trip.

      1. For Manhattan, the answer is sadly Chipotle.

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          Try Taco Taco on Second near 91st - SO much better

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            If we're going down that route, I'll have to say that Qdoba's pork is better than Chipotle's. But I'm sure that there's a lengthy discussion about this in the chains forum, right...

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              Do the Manhattan Qdobas carry carnitas?

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                Yes, at least the one at Third Ave and 53rd St does.

                Looks like its main website ( doesn't list pork as an option--that's strange because I think that it's quite good for a fast-mex chain.

          2. The best carnitas I've had were in Astoria on Broadway in the twenties. I don't remember the name of the store - I think the word "Oso" was in there somewhere. It was a Mexican dry goods store with a few tables in the back. Unlike Taqueria Coatzingo, the tortillas were homemade. In addition, there was also homemade queso fresco. The meat had a flavorful char yet was simultaneously tender and juicy. Of all the Mexican food I've had in the city, this was by far the best. I've been eager to return.

            1. haven't been there in a while, but I had a decent carnitas taco at that taco truck on 14th and 8th (i'm from LA, i know what its supposed to taste like)

              i don't have any idea what the official hours of that truck are, but i know it shows up at night like maybe past 8 or 9

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                Nobody knows a taco truck better than an LA. person, the land of the taco truck, so off to 14th and 8th I go. Nothing beats a late night carnitas

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                  its not going to be mind blowing like you'd find at a good carnceria in LA, but its way better than most of the "carnitas" that ive had here (certainly better than chipotle or qdoba, which i find their carnitas to be really salty in a weird way)