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Apr 19, 2008 04:58 PM

Help with grilling onions

Does anyone have tips for grilling onions? Mine keep falling apart and through the grates of the grill into the charcoal. I sliced some big, fat red onions about 3/4 inch thick and did olive oil s and p and then threw them on but when it came time to flip them, I lost a few into the grates. Should I try a grill basket?

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  1. A grill basket would definitely work to keep them from falling through. Or heavy aluminum foil with some holes poked through it. My favorite way to do onions though is to cut in quarters (but not all the way through so they stay whole) and pour some BBQ sauce (jarred or homemade) over them, wrap tightly in foil "tent", and stick in oven or covered grill for - oh - about an hour I think. Yum.

    1. Another good way to grill them is to run a skewer through each thick slice...that's been my best method of holding the slice together. (I usually use wooden skewers and soak them in water for a little while before using them on the grill.)


        We use something like this. It will help you immensely with all kinds of delicate food stuffs, especially onions and fish.

        1. I like to wrap mine in a double thickness of foil, with some balsamic vinegar and butter and salt. Grill, open and stir, reclose and grill some more. This way you get a combination of tender and juicy and blackened/browned onions.

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            Yum! Have to try that next time!

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              These are all great ideas. If you have a smoker, you can also smoke onion quarters on skewers for about an hour, basting with bbq sauce at the end. We often do this when we smoke pork butts or ribs.

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                I should clarify that I use large sweet onions, either vidalia or Spanish, and slice them very thickly.

            2. I bought this great perforated pizza pan from Target. It's non stick, many tiny holes, so nothing falls thru. It's quite large, so it's got a lot of real estate. But skewers work great too, as some wise person suggested.