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Private Chef

I am looking for a private chef to cater a dinner party for 6 people for my wifes birthday. Does anyone know a great personal chef that will drive to the san fernando valley?


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  1. Since no one informed has chimed in yet I'll throw something out there.

    I don't know this person and I haven't had her food, BUT I read her food blog pretty regular. She seems to have an excellent palate and was trained at a decent school.

    Certainly, she's worth an interview.


    Sorry I can't offer any personal experience here.

    1. Probably best way is for you to add an email address to your CH profile, so chefs can contact you directly.

      1. Why not contact the Culinary Institute and ask them for recommendations?

        1. Try Chef Jet, he specializes in Thai food. Is extremely talented and sweet.

          1. You must contact Josh Jackson of Meditrina Cafe located on Abbot Kinney in Venice. He was a personal chef for years and now has his own cafe-type restaurant. He can do anything and is a fun person to work with. He has catered for me twice and I've eaten his food several times in his restaurant.

            1. Paper Palate is an amazing catering company that specializes in small dinner parties - www.paperpalate.com

              The food is delicious and the chef and staff are friendly and professional.

              1. Thanks everyone. I found and booked a private chef (Chef Joanna) from another reccomendation. I will let everyone knows how it goes.

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                1. If she doesn't work out, I saw a private chef/teacher at the Encino Farmer's market this past Sunday. I thought of you when I saw her.

                  1. Even though you've already made your choice, I believe Christophe Eme (Ortolan) is available for private catering, though I expect him and his haute cuisine doesn't come cheap!


                    He also offers cooking lessons...

                    1. You're looking for a chef for just one party? If you're willing to pay the price, you'd be surprised who you could get for it. Name chefs. Alain Giraud for one (I'm pretty sure) - one of the highest rated chefs in L.A. culinary history (according to the LA Times Irene Virbila). But expect to pay at least 100 bucks per person. Walter Manzke might be available too. There are restaurants that will cater too. They'll send out a sous chef with the preps. A lot of places will do that. Melisse will for one.

                      1. Just bumping this up, since I am also looking for a private chef although it's to cater for a romantic dinner for two (I'm giving this as a gift) in the Los Angeles Area. Just someone who specializes in New American and is good with seafood. Can anyone vouch?

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                          I hired HeirloomLA last summer for both a sit down dinner and a party and they were fantastic.

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                            mstinawu there is a guy called Marcel Vigneron and since you mentioned New American--I think he's ideal. I couldn't vouch for his seafood particularly but for New American in the Los Angeles area he'd be ideal.

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                              If you go with Marcel, be prepared that if you hire him, whatever you order, there will be a foam (or as he now calls it... an espuma), some liquid nitrogen dish, and probably something with agar agar in it. Mstinawu, in case you don't watch tv cooking competitions, he's the somewhat bratty chef from Top Chef (and now a really boring/awkward show with a lame name called Quantum Kitchen...) that looks a bit like Wolverine's lesser known puny brother.

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                                Yes that is a sample of his techniques--also some of the techniques which form New American. He may be bratty, but (you may have a completely opposite experience when you hired him Dr.Bruin) I don't find him bratty to those who hire him. He was the sous chef at Bazaar and other restaurants. You don't have to like those places either so . . . Though I find it hard to fault someone

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                                  I wanted to edit this but the button isn't showing up in this thread for me--anyway . . . fault someone who references Wolverine. XD Wolverine's lesser known puny brother!

                          2. Almost any chef is available for private dinners - if you pay the price. Especially chefs in between restaurants. Neal Fraser (who beat an Iron Chef), Alain Giraud, Walter Manzke (maybe) - all top chefs, all available for private work.

                            But even if they have a restaurant - unless the place is new and hopping - they're usually available. Call the restaurant and ask if they cater. If you see a chef on a TV show? They're usually available.

                            Iron Chef Cafe
                            4275 E Concours Dr Suite 130, Ontario, CA 91764

                            1. I appreciate all the fancy posts since I love good food. But how about some options for a private chef that aren't so pricy? Does great food fit for a foodie have to be at Iron Chef prices?

                              Iron Chef Cafe
                              4275 E Concours Dr Suite 130, Ontario, CA 91764

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                                I'd say no to the second question. It depends on the ingredients you want used and who you use. Other factors include what sort of service you want also. There are plenty of "famous" chefs that will work with your budget. However, one thing about building a reputation is using it to earn money. I know there are many non-"famous" chefs who will privately cook for you for much less. This is Southern California--one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world--I am sure you can find someone who doesn't charge you Iron Chef prices. You should check hotel restaurant chefs--they are often very talented and yet do not have Iron Chef reputations. I don't mean hotel catering but contacting individuals to do some moonlighting.

                              2. I'd like to bump this up again, I'm looking for a private chef for a birthday dinner for 2. My husband and I love to visit great restaurants, but he always ends up driving, paying, etc. I'd like to get him a really nice dinner at home for us both. He loves steak and French cuisine. We live in Encino, CA. Any suggestions?

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