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Apr 19, 2008 04:24 PM

[DFW] Best Pecan Pie?

I don't usually like pecan pie, but after having it at Rick's Chop House in McKinney, I'm rediscovering this old Southern tradition.

Anyone know other good places for pecan pie?

Any good places for buttermilk chess pie?


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  1. Acutally, I love the Whole Foods pecan pie. Have not tried either pie at a restaurant in town.

    1. Perhaps the Highland Park Cafeteria , which is located in Casa Linda.......

      1. The pecan pie at "The Porch" on Henderson Ave. in E. Dallas is really incredible, and I've both eaten and cooked plenty of pecan pies. I highly recommend it!

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          I've said it before, Whole Foods....but, I've never had it at The everything there, bet it's good there as well....

        2. Hmm, can't think of a good pecan pie rec right now, but the two Treebirds (used to be called Treebeards) locations downtown serve buttermilk chess squares that are delicious!

          1. my favorite chess pie is at Vern's Place, in Deep Ellum. Get the plain, not the buttermilk.