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Apr 19, 2008 04:19 PM

[DFW] Kalbee House in Carrollton

I seem to have cravings for Korean food at least once a week, and was amazed to find a delicious place in the northern suburbs of all places. Kalbee House, off SH 121 and Hebron Parkway in Carrollton, can certainly measure up to any of the more obvious choices in Koreatown.

They offer up a dizzying number of side dishes that literally cover the entire table, and are visually appetizing. If they didn't bring out any food other than this, you could literally fill up on this spread alone.

If you're into Korean BBQ, you know there's a difference between meat cooked over gas barbeques and those prepared over a pot of hot coal. This can be a deal breaker for me--if it ain't over coal, it ain't real. Kalbee House offers up both, and you can even sit outside, to boot.

Perhaps my favorite Korean dish is kimchee jji gae (kim chi stew with tofu), and I use this as a barometer to judge how good a Korean restaurant really is. So far, Kalbee House has the best offering I've eaten so far in the DFW metroplex. The jap chae is also excellent.

Service has improved over several visits, and has always been far above what we've experienced at Seoul Garden off Royal.

Also a plus--Hite beer!

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  1. Thanks for posting this.
    My husband and I were wondering how good this place would be. We'll have to go soon.

    1. Yeah I've been going to Kalbee House since last October. The service is great, servers are willing to babysit those who aren't too familiar with cooking their own Korean BBQ. I love how their pancakes (seafood or kimchi) aren't too greasy. The combo meals are an excellent value. The $29 meal for 2 can easily feed 3 or 4.

      Wrote a review a while back with photos:

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        Yes, I believe I saw that review and the photo helped me locate the place the first time, thanks! There seems to be many korean places (restaurants) popping up around H mart, and in richardson chinatown, wondering how good they will be..

        1. re: lizlemon

          The new one in Richardson's Chinatown wasn't good (I forget the name). Most people eating there were Chinese, not Koreans.

          1. re: kuidaore

            I think you are thinking of Chang Jing.


            What is your definition of good Korean BBQ? Besides the banchan at Snow Mountain what else has changed on the menu? In your reply can you also provide whether Snow Mountain uses tableside electric burners, propane burners, or wooden charcoal. What would be the best Korean BBQ in your eyes? If you ran your own place what would you defintiely have on your Korean BBQ table and what would you disregard?

            I am curious as to what your answers are on all of those questions!

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Snow Mtn has gas(propane?) burners. We went there with a group of CHs last year. Those who regularly have Korean BBQ seem to like Seoul Garden better mainly because of the charcoal. "Good" was rather based on their opinions, not mine. We go to Korean restaurants for non-BBQ dishes, so we probably aren't the right ones to ask those questions to.

              We've had Korean BBQ only at Snow Mtn, Korea House and Sura in Dallas (and we miss our favorite Korean BBQ place in CA!) We had the real deal in Seoul a few months ago, but it wasn't mind blowing. In Korea there're BBQ places that specialize in pork.

              Snow Mtn's dinner menu has pictures now (it may have had pic a few months ago). They never had that many customers at lunch time before! We were worried that they might go out of business. Their servers and cashier have also changed.

              If you want to try authentic home cooking style Korean food, try Joy's Kitchen in Richardson (at Buckingham/Plano). It's a hole-in-the-wall place, recommended by my Korean hairdresser who moved from Koreatown in L.A. and thinks the Korean food in Dallas sucks. Very little English is spoken and you see only Koreans there. Their gimbap is very good.

              BTW, have you ever tried The Boiling Crabs across the street from Snow Mtn? A Vietnamese friend says their crawfish (and hopefully crab) is much better than that at Cajun Hut in Saigon Mall. We liked Cajun Hut--their blue crabs were super good! full of eggs :-)

      2. I just went there this evening. It is a good alternative than driving down to town for Korean BBQ. I was disappointed in the amount of meat that came for $22 ( we ordered only the Kalbi). It was probably about 8 ounces of beef. It was good, but for that price I would much rather drive to H mart and pick up the stuff myself. Using my grill, I can do the same and feed four of us with that $22.