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Apr 19, 2008 04:09 PM

Romantic Bday Dinner Suggestion???

Hello NY Chows, I'm from OOT, but the BF lives in your wonderful city and I'd like to take him out for his birthday. I've been trying to peruse this board for info, but need your suggestions to help me pick from my list of finalists--or suggest something I've missed!

What I'm looking for:
-romantic and elegant, but not too staid (we're mid-late-20's)
-would loooove to have a garden dining space
-some kind of pasta on the menu, although it doesn't have to be Italian
-price range of entrees in the $20's or under
-preferably south of Midtown

What I've narrowed it down to:
-The Little Owl

I would greatly appreciate your comments on my list, or let me know if there's somewhere else I should look into as well!

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  1. Little Owl and Crispo would be great. I haven't been to Dell'Anima, but it's on my list. In the W Vill, also consider August (no pasta, but a glassed-in greenhouse). Apizz would be another great choice (no garden).

    1. I'll second Apizz. There's no garden, but it's definitely more romantic than Little Owl. I haven't been to your other two ideas.

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      1. Not Crispo if you are looking romantic and elegant. I agree that August would would be nice, and I like the Little Owl., though I wouldn't call it elegant (maybe romantic depending on your definition.) How about Perilla?

        1. I agree with most of the other posters. All three places aren't exactly romantic and elegant IMO. Crispo is neither romantic nor elegant, and Dell'Anima and Little Owl are more of small and cozy, not elegant at all.

          One Italian place that I would qualify as romantic and elegant is L'Impero. It is in midtown, but the minuate you step into the garden you will feel the romantic vibe. During weekdays the prices are slightly higher at around $20-30 per entree, and a prix fixe of $64 for 4 courses. On Sunday they have a bargain prix-fixe at $42 for 4 courses. For a birthday celebration it is well-worth the splurge!

          Otherwise, Apizz is a fine choice, not as elegant as L'Impero but definitely qualified to be called a romantic restaurant.

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            I agree with you, kobe, about L'Impero. However, one small correction. No garden. There's a small, semi-enclosed front patio with a view of the park across the street. Very charming and romantic. The only hitch is that I don't think they take reservations for the patio.


          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far! It's really hard to gauge the "feel" of a restaurant via websites & reviews, so your experiences are incredibly helpful.

            One question: What if I took my request for pasta & garden dining out of the question? Would it be a bit easier to name a fitting restaurant?