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Apr 19, 2008 03:41 PM

Romantic Lunch Mid-Wilshire

Hey hounders...this is my first post! Whee! I'm coming home from a trip out of town to surprise my wife on our anniversary on Monday. She works next to LACMA on Wilshire and I'm looking for a nice, romantic lunch place. Any recommendations? Walking distance would be perfect, but I know this area is tough (hence my post). Thanks!

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  1. There's the Patina-owned restaurant at LACMA, which is ok food-wise but has a nice atmosphere. Otherwise I would recommend driving to Campanile or BLD or someplace along Third St...

    1. if not Campanile, I'd say Ca' Brea.

      a bit of a drive too would be Cube on Vine which is good for sharing plates and wine.

      i forget the name of the place at 2nd and la brea which is more casual, but the patio is nice...

      amalfi for italian is also a nice choice.

      1. You might also consider Rita's Floral Shop on La Brea between Campanille and Ca' Brea. You can have very nice sandwiches and soups surrounded by lovely things in bloom. Have your waiter hand her a bouquet afterwards to delight her ;-)

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          Rita Flora is no more -- It's replacement, Goat, is open for lunch I think, so you could still buy the flowers and eat at Goat.

        2. Right on. Thanks guys. I think going to try Campanile. I've seen so many bad reviews, but I guess you gotta just go see for yourself, right?

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            good news is i've had better experiences at brunch or lunch than dinner at campanile...

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              Campanile can be beautiful in the sunlight. Some of the upstairs rooms to the sides are more private and maybe romantic, but the main room with the sunshine sparkling and the kitchen bustling can be pretty and fun.

          2. Cafe Des Artiste in Hollywood... Also there is a sweet little yellow craftsman house that is wonderful called Off Vine.