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Eating outdoors Spfld-Hartford Area

Spring is finally here and I'm ready to dine outdoors. Anyone have some favorite places with outdoor dining that they'd like to share? Can be casual or fancy.

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  1. the cambridge house in granby, ct.. nice outdoor deck and great fresh housemade beer, which IMO is the perfect on-the-deck-in-the-sun accessory.

    Cambridge Brew House
    357 Salmon Brook St, Granby, CT 06035

    1. There's 2 places that stand out in my mind, Braza in Hartford and Elbow Room in West Hartford, both on Farmington Ave. Elbow Room's got seating on the roof and if you sit near the edge you get a pretty nice view of the scurrying yuppies.

      1. Pazzo (BYOB) and Max Amore in Glastonbury both have outdoor dining (not much in the view department though). If you want a fantastic view (but a lesser food experience), try Angelico's in East Hampton. Beautiful view of Lake Pocotapaug!

        1. In downtown Hartford there's Hot Tomatoes at Union Station and Vito's on the Park..

          In West Hartford center at least half of the restaurants have outdoor dining..a few in the center are.. Max's Oyster Bar, Cosi, Elbow Room, Grants, Mediza, Bricco, Simmer, Barcelona.. and a few more ..also at Elizabeth Park is Pond House Cafe...

          1. If you are looking for people watching, the West Hartford choices are good (except Mediza, would starve before I ate there again) Elbow Room's rooftop really rocks. IMO food is best at Briccos/Grants (same owner/chef) You can get a similar experience at numerous spots in Northampton.

            Agree Cambridge House has great beer, decent pub food. Deck is nice, but looks at the parking lot

            For a view, you can't beat Tavern on the Hill in Easthampton Ma. I've only been for apps and cocktails, but what we tried was very good and the locals love it. A little up the road is Seamus O'Reillys with a nice view into Holyoke. Very friendly and casual. Great wings.

            To eat in a real garden setting, New Boston Inn is beautiful. People are nice, decent pub food, and they let the dog sit with us outside.

            On my list to try is the Night Kitchen in Montgue. Heard the setting is at a waterfall and the food is outstanding. Certainly a nice day trip from the area.

            I LOVE dining outdoors. Please let us know if you find any gems with beautiful settings

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              The setting of Night Kitchen at the Montague Book Mill is about as good as it gets. It reminds me of being somewhere in the White Mountains or the Adirondacks, with a moving stream far below the building and heavily wooded hills all around. I have only eaten at The Lady Killigrew Cafe in the Book Mill, but hope to get to Night Kitchen sometime this summer.

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                I like the Night Kitchen. The food is very good, the setting is wonderful. It is cooler than the surrounding area so bring a sweater or jacket, just in case. Alternatively, you can sit at the bar and watch the cooks.

                It is in the same building as the The Book Mill--a used bookstore that goes on and on. It's motto is "Books you don't need in a place you can't find." It closes at 5 or 6 so you want to make some time to get there early enough to browse.

            2. Grant's in West Hartford Center is awesome...actually anywhere in wh ctr has outdoor seating if it's nice out...just park & walk around-make reservations for Grants though.

              1. Last summer I was drawn back irresistibly, 3 times in a row over 2 weeks, in gorgeous, end of summer weather, to Tavern On The Hill, Easthampton (Rte 141 exit from I-91, on Mountain Rd).

                View: On the west side of Mt Tom with views of the Manhan River flood plains, and the foothills of the Berkshires at about eye level beyond. Sun from the noon hours to sunset, weather permitting, lights up the landscape beautifully.

                The very solid deck is cantilevered over a parking lot, so high that the view is unspoiled. Just beyond is the sheer drop of the west face of Mt Tom. You look down over Easthampton, Southampton, and beyond. (Directly across the street from the front entrance of TotH is a vehicle road onto the Mt Tom Reservation, should you want to work up an appetite or see other views.)

                There's an outdoor bar "in the square" (versus "in the round"). A few tables near the bar are under more open skies; most of the seating is planned in two long lines along the building/deckrail. One row of 2-seaters bunks smack-dab up against the picture windows of the inside diningroom, however the diners inside seem to all talk too much to notice your own meals going on. The area is roofed. The other row, for groups of four, is against the railing, with servers using the aisle.

                Conditions: Can be windy, can be mosquito-ey after sunset. Once the sun comes down past the zenith, sun is everywhere! And there's always inside...

                Great, helpful servers. Prices and atmosphere allow a comfortable mix of upscale, business, after-work hip cocktails, and family special occasion dining. The waitstaff might be more kempt than you if you dress like a slob, but otherwise, anything goes, as with most outdoor noshing.

                The roasted beet salad is not to be missed. Not as much of a restaurant foodie as some here, I hesitate to comment on the rest, but I enjoyed all, and it's very good for our area. Portion sizes are very generous. Desserts vary and are not listed. Of course, there are also chefs' specials.

                http://www.tavernonline.com (and I have nothing to do with them, I'm just a fan.)

                1. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I can't wait to try some new places, especially the ones with a view.

                  1. The deck of the Cambridge House in Granby is one of the best places for outdoor dining. It is out back so there is no road noise and you can watch others come and go from the place.