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Apr 19, 2008 02:10 PM

Where to find birthday fun in D.C.

Hi all,

I need some advice about a cool, fun place for six gals in their 30s to have a birthday celebration dinner and after-dinner drinks. In terms of the restaurant, I want something fun and hip, but not hipster-snobby. We're looking for a young-ish crowd, but not "young" as in "Let's get plastered and drunk dial my roommate!" young. Atmosphere should be fun, lively -- not so subdued that we feel like we can't laugh and hold conversations without being a distration to the other patrons.

Prices aren't an issue too much, so long as it's not an ungodly amount. In terms of menu, we're pretty open: sushi, indian, american, italian -- all good.

Location is also pretty flexible. After dinner, it would be great to hit a lounge where we can sit and drink overpriced cocktails and have a good time (dancing optional). If we can dine in an area that has such a place nearby, that would be conventient, but if we have to cab it to another location, that's fine also.

As I said, we're a bunch of supercute, superfun gals in our 30s. We're not looking to party it up like we're at a Sig-Eps keggar, but we're also not looking for a stuffy, Manhattan-wannabe club where you have to flash your Prada to even have a shot of getting in (i.e., Twelve Twenty Three, ESL, etc.). We just want something fun and interesting, where everyday people with everyday salaries and everyday wardrobes can go. (Or maybe even a tad upscale, but not Giselle-upscale.)

Sorry for the long, OCD-esque posting; just wanted to be as specific as possible.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Your best bet would be in Chinatown or on U St. You can go out to eat at one of these restaurants and then hit up a number of lounges/bars in the area.

    St Ex

    1. I second the Chinatown option with Zaytinya (greek.mediteranean), Oya (has sushi and fish and stuff), Poste, Zola (both more American), etc. Rasika is nearby if you wanted Indian.

      1. Go git biskits n gravy at the Cracker Burl. PAT

        1. I agree with Jacey that the best area for you to focus in on would be Chinatown/Penn Quarter, Dupont or U St since there are a lot of good restaurants in that area as well as some good spots to grab a drink afterward.

          I would look into Oya, Proof, Zola, Cafe Atlantico, Central, Marvin's (haven't been but have heard great things), Creme, or Sette Osteria.

          You should also probably make reservations for a lot of these places since you have a larger group and some of these spots are very popular.