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Apr 19, 2008 01:51 PM

Memphis- several questions

We are relatively new to the Memphis area...I've been steadily gaining some chowish knowledge, but have some questions that hopefully someone on this board can answer:

1. Farmers' markets--I know about the Memphis Farmers' Market downtown and the market at the Agricenter (which, by the way, is now not open year-round, but only May til fall). Any others? Preferably something close to Germantown?

2. Dim sum--Is the only place to get dim sum Lobster King?

3. Cambodian food--I saw a post on the Commercial Appeal's "Whining and Dining" blog that mentioned Cambodian food in Memphis. I asked the poster where, but never got an answer. Anyone know of a restaurant that serves Cambodian fare (which is different--with some similarities to--from Vietnamese and Thai). We had two very good Cambodian restaurants in our former city and loved them.

That's it for now. Glad the weather has gotten nice. Not ready for it to turn scalding hot, though. Thanks for any input!

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  1. If you enjoy ethnic foods from many places (and it sounds like you might) then you *must* go to the Winchester Farmers Market. Huge selection of foods from around the world- I go there for fun even when I don't really need anything, just like other people might go to a zoo or a museum- how sick is that?

    The place really is that good, and for some reason it gets little mention on here. From Poplar, just go south on Kirby- it is on the corner of Winchester and Kirby on your left...

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      I've been- I stopped in after reading a post (probably yours) on this board when I happened to drive by. Fun, indeed. I need to go back and get some curry pastes and some coconut cream for Thai cooking. I love to do that stuff at home.

    2. You can get Dim Sum on weekends at Asian Palace in Bartlett--also the Hunan buffet at G'Town road & Stage.

      1. I haven't been yet, but I found out yesterday from a Vietnamese woman at a nail salon that there is a Cambodian restaurant in Memphis off Winchester about a block away from Easy Way (5251 Winchester) called Lan. She also said that it's "behind Beautiful Nails."

        It should be somewhere around here: .
        While searching for it online, I also found a Memphis Cambodian Association branch, so I bet you could call them to see if there are any others.

        TENNESSEE 1624 HARTLAND ST. MEMPHIS, TN 38108 TEL.901-682-3997

        Good luck!

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        1. re: claurena

          Awesome. I may go in search of it at lunch some day.

          1. re: LizR

            I checked for it at lunch today. It was Lang Cambodian Restaurant. Note the was. I'm afraid it's gone now.

        2. There is also a farmer's market at the Botanic Gardens every Wednesday from late April to late October. I've only been a couple of times and it is smaller than the one downtown, but is a nice mid-week opportunity for some fresh vegetables. It helps that it is centrally located and I always seem to find myself nearby around Perkins & Poplar at some point during the week.

          1. There's also a farmer's market in Arlington on Saturdays. The Agricenter is the closest to Germantown, though. The Wednesday market at the Botanic Garden is a lot better this year than it was last year - more farmers and bigger crowds.