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Apr 19, 2008 01:44 PM

Biggie Iggy Ice Cream Sandwiches

My friends and I were discussing who makes the best ice cream sandwich, they were going back and worth with the "chipwich" or the "choco-taco" then i dropped the bomb on them....'THE BIGGIE IGGY", but much to my dismay no one had heard of this. I searched the internet and there is barely any mention of it. How can the most amazing ice cream sandwich have vanished?

focus: has anyone ever had this 1000 calorie treat and do they know of any store that sells it?

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  1. I've purchased it at a couple of independently-owned convenience stores... but now that you mention it, it's been at least 10 years.

    1. I know of a gas station in west acton with them and a conv store in boxborough with them. They also make the "CHEWIE LEWIE" which has choc. cookies. They are the best ice cream novelty i know of

      1. I had a roommate in college who loved those. I think they have like 30 grams of fat in them. They scared me, but they were yummy. I haven't seen one in 10 years either.

        1. I recall the Kendall Cinema in Cambridge having really large and gluttonous ice cream sandwiches for sale...I thought I heard a server tell someone they were 1000 calories. Could they be The Biggie Iggy?

          1. i have an unconfirmed report that you can get them at city feed in j.p..