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Biggie Iggy Ice Cream Sandwiches

My friends and I were discussing who makes the best ice cream sandwich, they were going back and worth with the "chipwich" or the "choco-taco" then i dropped the bomb on them....'THE BIGGIE IGGY", but much to my dismay no one had heard of this. I searched the internet and there is barely any mention of it. How can the most amazing ice cream sandwich have vanished?

focus: has anyone ever had this 1000 calorie treat and do they know of any store that sells it?

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  1. I've purchased it at a couple of independently-owned convenience stores... but now that you mention it, it's been at least 10 years.

    1. I know of a gas station in west acton with them and a conv store in boxborough with them. They also make the "CHEWIE LEWIE" which has choc. cookies. They are the best ice cream novelty i know of

      1. I had a roommate in college who loved those. I think they have like 30 grams of fat in them. They scared me, but they were yummy. I haven't seen one in 10 years either.


        1. I recall the Kendall Cinema in Cambridge having really large and gluttonous ice cream sandwiches for sale...I thought I heard a server tell someone they were 1000 calories. Could they be The Biggie Iggy?

          1. i have an unconfirmed report that you can get them at city feed in j.p..

            1. Used to love the biggy iggy, but have not seen one in a while. As an alternative, I made my own yesterday from Roche Bros. prepared double-chocoloate cookies + some mint chocolate chip ice cream. much better than any of the pre-made ones...

              1. I saw Biggie Iggys yesterday at the convenience store that's two doors to the right of Clearflour Bakery.

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                  Darwin's in Harvard Square has them.

                2. I eat a biggy iggy every other day at Brickstone Sq. store in Andover. I still have not decided if they are better than Newport Creamery's Super Chipper that come in 4 packs though? I'm going to get a biggy iggy right now 560 calories 270 from fat and 54% of my daily allowance of saturated fat... drroool.

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                    hey mrgetwrior- I am working on an annual survey of trans fat contents in certain products. The purpose is just to track the increases/decreases in trans fat content. Anyway, I can't find the thing anywhere abnd if you still have regular access to the Biggy Iggy icecream sandwiches, would you mind responding to let me know what the nutrition label says about the trans fat? Respond here or to emtully@gmail.com. Thanks a lot if you can!

                  2. I like to coat miy big iggy in a combination of coconut and corn flakes and then deep fry it. I then dip it in caramel why slurping on a choclate frappe.

                    1. Biggy Iggy's are by far the best ice cream sandwich. Though most of you believe the 'Iggy' has vanished they are sold at The Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth NH where I work. The best ice cream sandwich is still around...no need to fret

                      1. I found the Biggy Iggy in Boston! South End Food Emporium sells them....and they are even better then I remember them. Highly recommend checking them out

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                          Since it is close to work I just checked out Mr. Biggy Iggy himself. While it was very tasty I can't say that it is hands down the best. The Toll House cookie sandwich has always been my go to. I guess my only choice is to try them both at the same time to determine the best and pray my heart doesn't stop!

                        2. I FOUND THEM ! They are in the Cumberland Farms in Alston Brighton on Washington Street and in many gas stations and convenience stores in NH and VT - I get them all the time at the Paradise Deli on the Sugarbush Access Road in VT going up to the mountain.
                          They are unbelievably good !!!

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                            Where exactly is this Cumberland Farms ? I looked it up and couldn't find one on Washington St. Thanks.

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                              There isn't a Cumberland Farms on Washington Street. They may be thinking of the one on Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton.

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                              Pretty sure I saw them at the Lil Peach in Millis on rt 115. Will doublecheck tomorrow.

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                                Checked it out, they difinitely have them, as well as the Chewie Louie at the Tedeschi (formerly Lil Peach) in Millis. $2.79 ea.

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                                I think they also carry them at City Feed in Jamaica Plain.

                              3. Biggy Iggy and Chewie Louie are sold at Stewart's shops in upstate New York. I bring a friend, buy both, then split them down the middle and we each get half of each. Typical Gemini behavior.

                                1. they are the best ever!!!!!!!!!! They sell them in Iowa and Illinois in a gas station called Casey's general store. Had one last night. they have 580 calories and 30 grams of fat. ugh!!

                                  1. We used to have Biggy Iggy's and Chewie Lewie's at my high school. They're gigantic, full of fat, and deliciousness. And as cheap and intelligent high school students, a lunch made up of $1.50 french fries and a Biggy Iggy (can't remember how much they cost) and call it a lunch. Awful? or awesome?

                                    I would love to get one one of these days. Ahh nostalgia.

                                    1. I'm a high school student in Vermont, they have them in my cafeteria every day.