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Apr 19, 2008 01:34 PM

Birthday Dinner Recommendations

First, thanks to all of you for your wonderful restaurant recommendations. Reading this board has become a bit of an obsession, and you've given me a lot to think about prior to my December Parisian trip. My husband will have a birthday while we're there. I want to take him to a place with very good food (French) and excellent service, but that is also not too somber/formal. The catch is, he is very hard of hearing. There will be three of us, and I would like for him to be able to hear the conversation on his birthday. Any suggestions? If it is helpful, I am considering the following for some point in the trip:

Le Clos des Gourmets
Au Bon Accueil
(and Guy Savoy for our 3-star lunch)

Would either of the first two fit the bill? Thanks to you all in advance.

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  1. LCDG is by far the superior restaurant. On our last visit our table was set apart and seemed quite private; noise should not be a problem here. There is a table for four to the right, by the window, that should be ideal.

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