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Apr 19, 2008 12:01 PM

Paris Bistronomiques - Open Sunday?

I am wondering which bistronomiques (or in the spirit of) are open Sunday for dinner? Anywhere in Paris is fine, as long as it is easily accessible by Metro. Thanks!

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  1. Petit Pontoise, Reminet, Mon Vieil Ami, Clos des Gourmets, Rotisserie du Beaujolais, Bistrot d'à côté rue Flaubert.

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    1. re: souphie

      Le Parc aux Cerfs, Rue Vavin, 6e arr. right behind Le Sélect (M° Vavin).

      1. re: Dodo

        Which would be the best of the these selections, in terms of: 1) Best food 2) warmest bistro atmosphere? I was at Petit Pontoise on my last trip and it was great.

      2. re: souphie

        I love Clos des Gourmets but they are not open on Sunday.