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Apr 18, 2008 06:48 PM

[SEA] Sushi in Seattle (split from San Francisco board)

Where in Seattle have you had really good sushi? I have trouble finding anything good

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  1. Nishino in Madison Park was first rate for the years we lived in Seattle. As always, sit at the bar, ask what's best that day and then have at it.

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    1. re: ccbweb

      I have to say, Nishino is so-so. The shari (sushi rice) wasn't the best.

      1. re: mmkanzaki

        Nishino-san is former Matsuhisa LA alum. I'd say his restaurant's strengths are more in fusion and cooked dishes in terms of only doing due diligence, but without actually dining there. I went to Kisaku instead and was extremely satisfied.

        Have you tried Kisaku? I really enjoyed Nakano-san's nigiri. My review of a 2006 trip -

        Of course once you've had local Pacific NW seafood (like mirugai or the short seasoned Copper River varieties of wild salmon) you don't want to order that in the SF Bay Area, which is where they get it from...

        1. re: K K

          FWIW, I went to Kisaku tonight. Very good ingredients but the rice was virtually unseasoned. Getting the rice right is job 1 at a sushi restaurant - fail that and you might as well not even open for business as far as I'm concerned.

          Definitely not in the same league as Nishino, I felt. Not even close.

          1. re: terrier

            I have to totally agree! It takes some serious experience on the chef's part to season the rice right, it makes a world of difference. And cleanliness of the chef is of upmost importance too, especially when dealing with raw fish....

        2. re: mmkanzaki

          That's a shame to hear. It sparkled a few years back, perhaps they're coasting a bit. K K is right, Tatsu Nishino was the sushi chef at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills when it opened and some of the cooked dishes were exceptional, he definitely brought ideas from Matsuhisa with him (or his own ideas that he developed there). I wish you luck in your continued search!