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Apr 19, 2008 10:58 AM

One-Handed Peppermill?

I am looking to get some peppermills that I can use one-handed. I would like several, for grinding different kinds of pepper and other whole spices.

I used to have a battery-operated one, but it was undependable and inconsistent. I like the look of those skinny spring-loaded ones, but I have never used one before. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with these things? Obviously, I am looking for ease of use, consistency (and control) of the grind, and durability. Oh, and cheap is good too.

I found some interesting looking, spring-loaded ones about 1 inch in diameter online for $20 plus $5 shipping ( Does anyone have experience with these, or with anything else that meets the bill?

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  1. There's one that's a plastic globe containing the peppercorns with two black plastic "rabbit ears" that you squeeze together, one-handed, to grind. It's called The Pepper Ball, and sells for around $15.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      After the pepper ball slipped out of my hand and into the pot - not once, but twice - I threw it away. Back to the two-handed models.

    2. Love the unicorn pepper mills. The pepper gun is a one handed mill

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      1. re: scubadoo97

        I love my Unicorn Magnum Plus, but lately I have been finding that when I'm cooking and my handling meat or chicken, a 1 handed mill would be useful.

        Have you used the pepper gun?

        1. re: valerie

          Not yet. I have the big Magnum grinder and love it. I will pick up a Pepper Gun soon since I have the same problem and the output of the Unicorn grinder is just fantastic. 1/4 turn and it puts out as much as 2 full turns of my old grinders.

      2. I had this one:

        I found it fatiguing for my hand - a lot of work for not much pepper. Initially I thought the one-handed nature of it would work for me (I have many hand/wrist issues) but found a regular style grinder is actually easier on my hands.


          I like this beastie. They come in many colors (if you care) and all but the silver are non-skid silicon(?) skinned. Super convenient.

          1. What I usually do when I'm starting to cook, is grind a little pile of pepper into a dish using my Magnum. I can then dip in for a pinch, as needed.