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Apr 19, 2008 10:25 AM

National Ave. Recon. SD

This is another interesting strip of interest to Mex cuisine devotees. Though it is short in length there are a few spots to check out.

I checked out one - Raspados Acapulco - a mexican snow cone, fruit and snack specialist. I dont want to dismiss them straight out based on my experience with their Tejuino - as they offer some interesting rapasado flavors such as the rare arrayan and ciruehla.

The teijuno sucked so bad I had to toss it - from now on its honey bananas all the way.

La Nueva Michoacan is a Tiendita/ carneceria but with a great menu. Some exquisite looking guisados a la super cocina as well. My interest is is most piqued by their sope and gordita variants. I like their thinner horchata.

Ramierez Tortilleria is the only place where I could not breath - the heavy scent of the frying of chicharron is so strong. They offer menudo, stewed chichs, carnitas, burritos, tacos, and they are a full fledged tortilleria.

Not sure what to make of Birrias - they seem to specialize in Mariscos despite the name - dont think any relation to the small chain.

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  1. I failed to Mention Tacos El Paisa which is closer to the freeway - with a grill outside. This place looks very choworthy. There is also a Raspados Oasis nearby

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      Yes, Tacos El Paisa make fantastic tacos among other things. I highly recommend it.

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          I'm kinda late to the party here - decent cabeza, if a bit on the dry side, but at least not greasy, under marinated (carne) adobada which was caramelized perfectly, birria was too mild in flavor. Great salsa verde - the tangy tomatillo comes through, love the pickled jalapenos and carrots. Service was nice too....I had to wait for my tacos, and they gave me a large Jamaica. Regardless of the prices posted "mini-tacos" are $1.55. Haven't been back since my return from SEA, but I'll probably hit them up again soon. When it comes to tacos,(IMHO) perhaps a step below Tacos El Gordo.

          1. re: KirkK

            Yeah I usually rock the adobada. The carne asada is hit and miss. The last time I was thier they just finished a fresh batch, and it was good. The lengua was not to my expectations. As far as cost I guess I will have to ask about the $1.55, Ive never had them at that price. Thanks

    2. Kare, I just did a extensive review for another site. I actually stumbled across this site several weeks ago when I was looking for pozole. I came across a few of your reviews, and you do a fantastic job by the way. We have very similar taste and I was amazed at the similarities in our taste. Ive tried 100s of Mom and Pop Mex places in San Diego, we should do some recon some time.

      The Agua Frescas at this location are awesome try the Rompope. The also have Adobada on the vertical spit.They cook their Carne Asada over coals starting at noon. I will post some pictures up later.

      Stay away from Raspado Oasis, I call it Cagado Oasis. Very Artifically Tasting. For a real raspado try Raspados Michoacan in National city its a good 1-2 combo with El Gordo.

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      1. re: Masa Assassin

        Cool! Great information and pictures MA - just what I was looking for about this place. Those tacos! The tortillas look pretty amazing - are they homemade - do you know?

        Damn, a Rompope Agua Fresca - I am so there. I never heard of that one.

        Well, heck ya Im down for some recon - especially with someone so knowledgeable and interested in mexican cuisine. .

        Did you find the links on Pozoleria Dona Maria? I think you will like it:

        Menuderia Don Vicente also makes a Pozole verde, this is my favorite restaurant:
        If you go to the Menuderia be sure to check out Honey Bananas for the best Tejuino Ive tried thus far in SD:
        Which El Borrego also makes - but only on Thursdays - the day tradtional to Green Pozole eating in the State of Guerrero - where the owners are from.

        1. re: kare_raisu

          Cool KR my email is listed in my profile. Hit me up when you can. I'm doing some recon possibly next weekend on some Mariscos.

          Thanks for the pozole info. I was suprised Dona Maria had blanco only. Im really a fan of Red with lots of zest. The verde intrest me, Don Vicente is on my to do list.

          I'm a El Borrego regular I love that place, but I can never seen to make it for their Thursday specials.

          To answer your question on Paisa. Yes they have homemade tortillas. Someone forming disc of Masa in front of me is a must, much like having my adobada carved off a spit. Here is the Masa lady at paisa

          BTW my favorite two masa queens are @ El Chentin (Imperial Farmers), and El Borrego.

          1. re: Masa Assassin

            Ya, Ive got some major Pescado Zarandeado cravings - we were thinking of hitting up La Costa de Nayarit.

            So far the Pozole at Super Cocina, like their menudo is the only one capable of making time stop for me. Where have you had the red in SD?
            I am on the hunt for some pure Jaliscan run shops.
            If you like the tortillas at those two places - you are going to love the menuderia! Would you partake in the restaurant's namesake dish?! ;^)

            1. re: kare_raisu

              I've always wondered about La Costa every time I think of stopping their, I get sidetracked. Last time it was the musky scent coming out of Las Morelianas. I past by their tonight the place was packed to the walls and the live Banda was tearing it up.I definitely would like to try it out. Let me know when you guys are going to check it out.

              Pozole reds in SD? Ive had SC and El Comal. In fact I had a bowl at SC tonight. Here you go in case your craving it. :P
              could you tell I'm a picturehound haha.

              I cant wait to try the Menuderia you speak of.

      2. oops trouble posting I will post pics tomorrow.