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Apr 19, 2008 10:14 AM

Has anyone taken any classes at the Viking cooking school before?

If so, any good, bad, opinions? It is quite a drive for me, but I may take this class with a friend who lives close by and make a night out of it. Then schlep back home! :)

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  1. Angelina,

    Never heard of this before, please post back if you go.

    My wife and I have taken many cooking classes, there is always I.C.E. on 23rd in the city.

    In good old NJ, we taken classes at Classic Thyme in Westfield ( ) and at Kings Supermarket in Short Hills.

    Also, if you are willing to go into Staten Island, has classes on Mon and Tues. nights. While she is certianly a little abrasive (or some would say passionate for food) and certianly ecentric, what chef isn't?, I would credit her with taking both my and my wifes culinary skills to the next level.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: angelo04

      Thanks so much Angelo! I love Carol's Cafe. The food is so good! I totally forgot about that place for classes!! I originally wanted to take them at the French culinary institute, but it is not just 1 class, it is quite a few and it was about $ 2,000.00.

      I.C.E. I also looked into and I really, really liked the classes offered. Thanks so much!

      1. re: Angelina


        Whereabouts in NJ do you live? my girlfriend and I are also looking for similar classes and have looked into all the ones you have but haven't decided. We are in South River, NJ

        I was researching the CIA bootcamps too. but would like to find something i can do in the evenings and not take a week vacation! haha.

        1. re: RPMcMurphy

          I am in Millstone, and I agree, there are really no great offerings in the area. I would love to do the F.C.I. ..but it is not just one class it is a few and they are late..Mon & Thurs. I believe 6 -10. I would do 1 or 2 like that, so I can become the "Julia Child" of Millstone! haa haa...It is something I have always wanted to do.

          I absolutely refuse to take a class at one of these million Italian restaurants by me. I want to be brought to the next level in my cooking.

          The Vikimg class is just so far. I rather drive into Manhattan than North Jersey. (I am not as familiar with North jersey as I am Manhattan.)

          I will see. I am still researching. If anything..I will let you know!! Maybe we could have a new "chowhound clique"! :)

    2. Brookdale Community College offers a variety of cooking classes and even a few weekend trips with a culinary theme thru the Business & Community Development Office. Cook n Tell with Sue Sell offers cooking classes for adults with a variety of dates & themes; in Colts Neck.

      South Jersey, give a try:

      and if you want the chef to come to you, knock your socks off with a romantic dinner for two call:

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      1. re: HillJ

        Thanks Hill J!! Have you heard about that cook and tell place in Colts Neck? So super close to me. Funny about seems any of the classes I have ever wanted to take there, were always on bad days for me! Maybe I will try again.

        Thanks so much for all the websites, too!!

        1. re: Angelina

          Angelina, Every member of my family and several dozen friends have enjoyed one night/weekend classes @ Cook & Tell. Sue's been around for years.

          1. re: HillJ

            HillJ - Thanks for the Cook N Tell Link. My wife and I will definitley give it a try and post back.

        2. re: HillJ


          Thanks again for the cookntell link, a mere 15 minute ride from my house. My wife surprised me with a class for Fathers day along with my 4 year old daughter. While it wasn’t a gourmet cooking class (and of course not to be expected for a daddy and me type event with a 4 year old), it was great. My daughter loved it. I will certainly take an adult class and report back but wanted to thank you, as I would have never found this without this thread and your post.

          1. re: angelo04

            My pleasure, angelo04! Thank you for reporting back on your experience taking a Father's Day class with your daughter. I too have enjoyed classes with my children over the years. The adult classes are more hands on; while the classes designed for families offer the opportunity to expose "future hounds" to the recipe/menu/food fun experience.

            1. re: HillJ

              oh yes, Hill J! I owe it all to you!! I never posted that I took the "paris Revisited" class w/ Sue and Kathy. I totally forgot to post my experience!! I certainly owe you a big smooch!!

              The class was great!! I have made everything I was taught that day at least 3 times (except the expresso creme' rear would be very mad at me if I kept making that!!)

              Anyhow, the class was a hit and I was super happy! I am definately going to take more in the fall. I like the small setting, and all the people in the class were super friendly and all foodies like me!

              Angelo, that class looked so cute!! Glad to hear you had a great time, too!

              Again, HillJ, thank you! If you have any other tricks up your sleeve, please post!!!


              1. re: Angelina

                That's great to hear Angelina. The Cook n Tell kitchen is a wonderful place to learn/explore/relax over a homemade meal.

                A reliable source for cooking classes and all things NJ food is the publication, Edible Jersey; avail. at most Whole Foods and markets free of charge. Or..visit their website.

                If anyone reading this knows of a NJ-based cheese-making class, I'd love to learn more about that !

                1. re: HillJ

                  Not in NJ, but in the post above I mentioned carolscafe in SI, which is basically an extension of NJ, I took a how to make homemade mozzarella. OMG. Simply awesome. Not even sure if you would need a class to do it, it is so easy. We started with curd which you can get at some Italian delis and possible Wegman’s in the not so distant future. In nutshell, you essentially pour hot water and salt over the curd and form it into a mozzarella ball. Delicious.

                  Also if you contact carols cafe, she made mention of a weekend or weeklong cheese making school. It is in either Nj or NY. I will try to find out for you.

                  1. re: angelo04

                    angelo04, I'm def. going to inquire! A class on homemade mozzarella sounds right up my alley!

                    1. re: HillJ

                      It is soooooo worth it. Not sure where you are, I am in Old Bridge by RT 9 and RT 18. Its a 30-45 minute ride depending on traffic. Also, while her classes are awesome, the cafe is pricey but worth every penny. We have had awesome 7-8 course tasting menus. Our favorite place when my wife and I lived there.
                      I have to credit her classes with taking my culinary skills to the next level.

                      1. re: angelo04

                        I'm in Holmdel, not all that far from you. Such high praise from you, I'm going to check out the fall lineup soon and see what works with my work schedule (which takes me all over NJ). Thanks!

                        1. re: HillJ

                          Hey HillJ

                          Good news and bad news, I emailed Carol about the cheese schools and here are the websites:



                          The Bad news is they are up North in New England.

                          1. re: angelo04

                            Valley Shepherd Creamery offers cheesemaking classes. They come to 97th & Columbus greenmarket on Fridays and I've asked about their classes. They sound great, though I've never taken one (yet!).

                            Here's the link: .

                            1. re: angelo04

                              Thanks for inquiry angelo04!
                              I can work a class into a 4 day Fall vacation if I plan it right.
                              Something to aim for!

              2. re: angelo04


                angelo04, have you tried the cooking classes at 15 Fox Place in Jersey City?

                1. re: HillJ

                  No byt thanks for the tip, I work in Jersey City so it would be easy to do a clss there. I'll post back if I sign up. Thanks again

                  1. re: angelo04

                    why I remembered you mentioning JCity, I don't know but the restaurant 15 Fox is terrific. Perhaps the classes are as well. I don't see a summer or fall calendar posted on the website but the classes listed sound interesting.

            2. I've taken many classes at Cook and Tell. They are lots of fun and Sue's kitchen is just amazing! She offers day and evening classes as well as couples classes. all are welcome to BYOB. My daughters have both taken classes there when they were younger. Sue will also do a special class just for you (for say a birthday) if you have enough people.

              1. Sue Tell is a high energy, fun loving personal cook/chef with patience for every skill level. When we moved down to Monmouth county, her business card was in our welcome pack from the realtor. Still a jewel all these years. My one son adores her food facts and he's a graduate of "mommy & me" cooking classes!

                The adult menus run a real gamut; something for everyone.

                1. I've taken a class at the Viking Cooking School. I'm in Manhattan and I think it was maybe 40 minutes west of here in NJ; so I'm not sure how far that puts it to you (I don't drive so I'm not good at estimating that kind of thing).

                  The cooking school is within a sort of Viking Show Room. All of their products are on display in a huge space (it's in an office park kind of place and somewhat unmarked). In the back are separate rooms for the cooking. At the end of the class, each participant is entitled to a discount on Viking stuff (knives, silpats, whatever, and I think it applies to everything, including a future class and ovens and such).

                  As for the class ... my sister and I went and had a ball. The classes are fairly small (there were 12 people in our class). Everything is hands-on. Everyone gets a station with knife, cutting board, etc. But you work in pairs in terms of the actual cooking. Each team has a stove/oven/etc. There is the chef/instructor and 2 assistants. It was really terrific -- our class was about Indian food. The chef tried to give a lot of information about techniques and tips while we were doing the cooking. While something was on the stove but we were back at our boards, the assistants watched everything. We cooked vegetable samosas, raita, basmati rice, yellow split pea dal, and chicken in coconut curry sauce. When were were done, the staff put all the items in serving dishes -- each team had their own set-up at their station. A large group table was set for dinner. Each person took their plate and served themselves. They also had wine for everyone as well as chapati that the assistants had made. After dinner, they prepared a masala chai for us. The eating together as a group at the end was really cool and we all could talk about what each team did differently (for example, we spiced ours up with more pepper, but a lot less salt, than other teams used). After we were done, the chef and assistants took servings for themselves from every group's food. I forgot to ask if the differences were noticeable between the groups.

                  All in all it was a lot of fun, especially because my sister and I went together. We've already signed up for another class in June. I'm not sure it would be as much fun if you went by yourself. And the class was quite long, 3 or 4 hours if I recall.

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                  1. re: LNG212

                    Thanks so much for the great review! Sounds like fun!

                    1. re: Angelina

                      I have taken a number of classes at the King's cooking studio, either at Short Hills or Bedminster and loved them. I guess I could say I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know, but they were fun just the same.

                      Next week my husband and I are going to the Culinary Institute of America and taking a 2 day bbq boot camp class. I am so excited!!!! I can't wait. I gave him the classes as a Christmas gift. I know, I'm an awesome wife.

                      Anyway, has anyone taken any of the boot camp classes at the CIA? Just curious what to expect.