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Apr 19, 2008 10:13 AM

Colorado Springs Brunch & other recs


We will be visiting Colorado Springs for the first time this July and would enjoy some restaurant recommendations. We always enjoy brunch and will be there over a Sunday so wouldn't mind a good recommendation.

Any other restaurant recommendations would be great as well. I am a vegetarian but my husband eats meat so a restaurant we would both enjoy would be great.


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  1. For a glorious, opulent Brunch with a capital B, the Broadmoor is a must. I believe that the Cliff House in Manitou Springs also does brunch, and I'm sure it's also good since it is also a quality inn (which is not the same as a Quality Inn).

    1. Adam's Mountain Cafe in Manitou
      The Loop (mexican) in Manitou
      Edelweiss (german) in CS

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        I definitely second Adam's Mountain Cafe in Manitou - wonderful.

        A couple other brunch options: the Olive Branch on Tejon and the Omelette Parlor on Fillmore.

        The Broadmoor is all-around great and has a wonderful band in the Tavern Restaurant most nights.

        Finally, The Loop and Jose Muldoons have great Mexican and nice atmosphere.

      2. Amanda's Fonda, for wonderful mexican.

        1. Definitely have breakfast at Adam's Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs on the mountain side of Colorado Springs. It respects vegetarian and other healthy sensibilities.

          The Broadmoor is a great place to walk around and a great place to eat. There are several choices of price ranges. I'm sure it does have the best Sunday brunch in town.

          The Dale Street Cafe is a cute place for lunch or dinner. It's near downtown in a Victorian house with a nice patio out front.

          El Taco Rey is where the locals go for avocado-pork burritos and cheese enchiladas. They are an order-at-the-counter place near downtown. They have a few tables inside and out on the sidewalk.

          I'd pick the Omelette Parlour over the Olive Branch. If you need an early omelette, they are half-price from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. They have more of a local feel than the Olive Branch.

          Fargo's is a fun local pizza joint with a good thin-crust pizza. Good place for a group though it is rather loud.

          Downtown you might enjoy Phantom Canyon for beers. I used to like their food, but I haven't been there in years.

          Josh and John's is the local downtown ice-cream joint. It is next door to the downtown movie theater. Since there's little nightlife here, you may want to see a movie there. They have two screens which show independent films and the better mainstream movies.

          Enjoy your time here.

          1. I went to the Broadmoor on May 25th for a birthday brunch and it was GOOD. It was fairly pricey ($36 a person not incl. drinks) but it was good with a very nice atmosphere. We walked around the lake and grounds, which are beautiful in the summer, and had a very nice morning/afternoon!