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Apr 19, 2008 09:52 AM

Salamanca Restaurant in Barcelona

Strange query, I know...but my husband and I had a great, and very long lunch there a couple of years ago. We let our waiter bring us anything and everything he thought we should have, and loved it all. At the end of the meal, he gave us complimentary glasses of some kind of kick-arse, yellow-colored house liqueur that, from the best that I could understand, they created onsite. We were so blown away that we bought a corked carafe of it to take home. I want more...and now my sister-in-law is traveling to Barcelona for a few days. I want her to go there and pick some up for us, but I have no idea what she should ask for. I tried emailing via their site for the info, but got no reply. Anyone?

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  1. orujo de hierbas maybe? lemoncello?

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      Thanks, but I don't think it was anything mainstream. Definitely not lemoncello. It was a house-made liqueur, I believe.

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        Sounds like (orujo de) hierbas... Many restaurants will give you a free shot of hierbas after your meal. Lots of people make their own from orujo and herbs (you can even buy different bunches of herbs pre-selected at many herbolarios. You can find lots of different versions at liquor and grocery stores, as well.

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          As butterfly points out, both Orujo de Hierbas and Lemoncello are types of home-made liquor. Many restaurants make them and serve them to their customers.

      2. Thanks, guys! Orujo de heirbes sounds like it might be a good bet. Whatever it was, they were holding it in something other than individual factory bottles because of the way they sold it to us in a simple corked carafe. I drank plenty of limoncello in Italy, and I know that's not what it was. Will research further to be sure.

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          I'm not saying they didn't make it themselves, but they could have decanted something 'factory made' into carafes. I do wonder sometimes about these orujos de casa, they're often so alarmingly neon green! It seems to be one of those things that divides people - you either love it or hate it. There's something 'romantic' about the idea of homemade hooch, but the base alcohol is unlikely to have been made by the restaurant - though it's possible - they've probably just added a bit of flavouring and colouring and if you're lucky, some herbs. Or am i just being horribly cynical?

          What's the board feeling generally - orujo (de hierbas or for that matter any other kind) lovers or haters ? Or do you prefer another post prandial hit? Pacharan?

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   may be absolutely right. We couldn't find anyone in the restaurant who spoke English (the waiter brought us the first round unasked). For some reason, I got the idea that it was a house specialty that they had concocted or doctored...perhaps started with a base liqueur, and added something? And then the way it was decanted into another bottle when we wanted to take some home solidified the idea. As I said, we don't speak Catalan and no one could really explain it to us (I don't even remember how we communicated to the the waiter that we wanted a bottle of it). We LOVED it, though...and so did everyone we shared it with when we got home. It gave us the craziest buzz EVER. :D

            I appreciate all the info you guys have taken the time to post. At least I think I know what it was, now. It was indeed a neon yellow-green, with a strong herbaceous/citrusy note. Definitely not limoncello or grappa...but slightly reminiscent of a combination of the two.

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              Orujo is not made in-house by anyone (except a winery). Orujo is an alcohol made from the by-products of the wine-making process. To make orujo (aguardiente) de hierbas, you infuse the orujo with herbs (like camomile), let it sit and then strain it. It comes out yellow or green, depending on what you put in the infusion. It's as easy to make as a vodka infusion. You can buy it premade in large quantities. I'm sure many restaurants do this. I've also had it homemade many places.