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Help! Greek Islands closed....

I have my long awaited college graduation on May 3rd and the plan was to feast at Greek Islands afterwards. I just received word that Greek Islands is closed for, quite sadly, health code violations. Since it has been a family favorite, in spite of the touristy-ness, I am at a loss for an alternative. Any recommendations for a good Greek restaurant?

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  1. I believe they have already passed a reinspection and opened, so you should be fine for May 3rd! (of course, if you're turned off by their health code violations, that's a different story...)

    1. You can't go wrong by visiting Yanni's Greek Restaurant in Arlington Heights, IL.


      We have eaten there many times and when we do chance it at another greek place, even in Greek town, it has not lived up to the expectations that Yanni's sets.

      1. Santorini, but GI will be back open by 5/3, if it isn't already. You rarely see a restaurant closed for that type of violation take more than 2-3 days to reopen.

        And keep in mind that a restaurant that has just reopened after a health code violation is likely to be pretty darn clean.

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          According to the City of Chicago food inspection report, Greek Islands passed the reinspection on April 3 in good standing with no violations at any level.

          You can check on status of any restaurant or other food establishment at http://webapps.cityofchicago.org/heal...

        2. You can find a lengthy discussion of the best Greek restaurants in Greek Town, including street addresses and website addresses for all of them, at www.chowhound.com/topics/119233

          1. I have never liked Greek islands food, service, etc., Now with them being closed for health code violations I know I will not give them another shot.

            Coming from a former cook a place & their staff has to really be bad to get closed down.

            I'll keep going to Pegasus in Greek Town

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              A Greek friend prefers Athena. We like Santorini but intend on trying Athena soon.

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                I also enjoy Santorini. I think I like Pegasus so much because of the rooftop area for some drinks.

            2. Thanks! Good to know even if it re-opened.

              1. Athena restaurant is/was really good. That used to be my favorite place in Greektown when I lived in Chicago. That will be my first stop when I'm town. :-)

                1. We like going to GI as well, and were disappointed by the health inspection close(although they will re-open, but never encouraging). We have eaten at Costa's a few times, a little more "upscale" but a good spot for a graduation.

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                    Note that Greek Islands had reopened (past tense) more than two weeks before the start of this thread.

                  2. Just FWIW - a restaurant that had recently been closed for health code violations and then permitted to re-open usually adheres more closely to the strictest sanitary regulations and procedures than most other restaurants.

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                      LOVE Costa's! more upscale, maybe, but not any more expensive.... also, very good for large groups ( I think one time we had 20 people) and don't have to worry about being loud, b/c of course its a family friendly place.