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Apr 19, 2008 08:49 AM

Eating dinner alone on a Thursday evening Seattle recommendations

I will be in Seattle for one dinner on May 1. In the past I have eaten at Union and Matt's. I am looking for a recommendation in the downtown area for solo dining. I have had lunch at Cafe Campagne (love their fries) and wondered about dinner there. I would love to go to Harvest Vine, but it seems like a place better suited to more than one person. Not having a car, what abou Sitka & Spruce, How to Cook a wolf, LePichet, Salima?

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  1. How to Cook a Wolf has a bar that you can sit at and watch all the action in the kitchen. I love that place.

    1. Harvest Vine is perfect for a single person, if you can get a seat at either of the bars. Neither HV nor HTCAW (nor S&S) are downtown, however. Not a fan of Campagne/CC. COnsider Chez Shea (next to Matts, also on the 2nd floor), Barolo...if you do break down and take a taxi, do HV (just go early so you can sit at the bar facing the kitchen)

      1. I love Cafe Campagne and eat alone there all the time (b'fast, lunch, and dinner). I also love le Pichet (you might want to check out Cafe Presse on Cap Hill, owned by the same folks). Sitka and Spruce is an easy cab ride. It has a big communal table and a few 2 and 4 tops, holds maybe 20 - 24 diners, tops. If you're gregarious and OK with striking up conversation with whoever is sitting next to you, you'll be fine (assuming they're OK talking to you, too).

        1. Or, if you really don't want to leave Downtown, try Txori. I love the food and the vibe is definitely okay for solo dinners. I want to third (or fourth) Harvest Vine. Sitting at the bar is so fun and so engaging -- I eat there by myself as do many others. The chefs are friendly and the food is sublime.

          1. A short report on my dining in Seattle.
            For dinner I went to Cafe Campagne and had the Hanger steak with frites. I definitely enjoyed it. I had blackberry sorbet for dessert, but thought it lacked flavor.
            The next day I walked to Dahlia Bakery and bought two loaves of bread to take to the friend's I was going to stay with the next two nights, (they live in Bothel). We loved the bread.
            For breakfast I had a delicous pecan roll at Belle Epicuran, so sweet and buttery.
            For lunch I went to the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. I had a half BLTA and salad. The bacon on the sandwich was really good, flavorful but not too salty. I took dessert to go, since I was going to have an early dinner. I loved the Salted caramels, wow! Although I loved the sandwich, I hated the chairs! I am 5'3 and not only did the chair forced me backwards, my feet could not reach the ground. I was ready to leave as soon as I finished my lunch. I am not sure I would consider sitting there to eat again.